Turntable vs. Record | Which is the Best?

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What is Turntable?

The turntable is a device for playing sound recordings. It has been around since the late 1800s, and it is still popular today among DJs, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts. The turntable consists of three simple components: the platter where the record is placed to play; a stylus that slides across the record to create vibrations in its surface; and an amplifier that magnifies those vibrations for increased volume.

A turntable is a very simple, but very compact device. The design of the turntable is quite elegant and gives it a unique appearance. A few of the designs for this very popular music accessory were created by famous designers such as Dietrich Gerhardt and EKCO.

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Types of Turntable

Turntables are used to play records and turntable players (turntable phonographs), which use a turntable as the means of playing and automatically changing records, but can also be used to play vinyl discs. First turntables were invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, who was granted US patent number 394,957 for his “Improvement in or relating to the Manufacture of Cylinders”.

Turntables are available in three basic designs, manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, but are also often made with a combination of these designs. Manual players are operated by the user moving the record with their hand. Semi-automatic players are operated by a button or lever on the player, which moves the record with minimal involvement from the user.


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What is Record Player?

A record player is a phonograph, or sound reproduction device, which plays the phonorecords (or records), home of the recorded sound. It may also be called a gramophone, but it is distinguished from other kinds of record players by its use of an outside turntable to rotate and spin a vinyl record rather than using its own motor.

Phonographs were marketed as early as 1889 by Théophile-Alexandre Steinberg. The first machines produced only recorded sounds.

A few years later, Edison Laboratories developed a device known as the phonograph cylinder, which by 1904 became the main consumer product used in the creation and distribution of music.

Music industry competition soon drove other manufacturers to improve their devices to create more satisfactory recordings by reducing background noise and increasing playing time. By 1910, the competing disc records were replaced by cylinders marketed as “Edison Records” or “Home Tunes.

Types of Record Player

There are two main types of record players: manual and automatic. Manual record players require the user to turn the platter at the appropriate speed with a hand crank or by flipping a switch on an electric-powered turntable. Automatic, or self-playing, turntables automatically turn at the correct speed once the needle is placed on the spinning vinyl disk and power is supplied to it.

Manual vs. Electric

While manual record players require that you turn the platter by hand or with a crank, electric turntables do this for you and only need the needle. A disadvantage of manual turntables is that you often need to flip a switch on your power source in order for the turntable to work; additionally, there is no automatic shutoff if you leave your house or turn off the power on an electric turntable.


Featuring a built-in Bluetooth connection, this turntable is capable of streaming audio from or to any device with an Internet connection; you can also make local wireless connections with compatible devices.
You can stream music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device on your home network.

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Record player or turntable is a type of gramophone that uses a needle to vibrate a diaphragm in response to sound waves and reproduce the sounds.

Developed in 1877 by Thomas Edison, the phonograph is one of the most commercially successful inventions in history, with over 10 million recorded records produced in the United States alone. The popularity of these recordings grew even more after World War I when they replaced sheet music as a method for people to learn new songs and dances.

Which is better? Turntable or record player?

A record player plays records with a needle, whereas a turntable spins them on an arm. A record player might need another device to amplify music, but a turntable is built in. So turntables are more compact and easier to set up, with fewer parts. Besides, turntables will work with any amplifier. A record player will only work with one that has a “phono input” (the same kind of input used for turntables or tape players).

With a turntable, the needle skips when you accidentally touch the tonearm. With a record player, it’s inevitable that your fingers will brush against the spinning disc at some point (unless you’re wearing thick gloves).

Most turntables allow you to adjust the speed manually, while most record players do not. They feature a built-in speed control. This makes it easier to make high-quality recordings since you can control the speed (or pitch) of music played on your turntable or record player.


The turntable may seem like a purely modern device, but it has been around since the late 1800s. The original phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison in 1877, was a hand-cranked device that played wax cylinders. The first successful player was introduced in 1912 and discs replaced cylinders as the media of choice after World War II.


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Q: Does Bose make a turntable?

A: With a budget-friendly price, easy assembly, and the convenience of wireless playback, the AT-LP60XBT could make a fantastic first turntable for any fledgling vinyl enthusiast.