Snark Tuner Comparison: Which is the Best?

Snark Tuner Comparison is an online service to help you find the right tuner for your needs. We only list the best tuners, and we take a look at what type of music you play to recommend specific models. Whether it’s acoustic or electric guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, autoharp – you name it! You can … Read more

Acoustic vs Electric Guitar – What You Need to Know

An acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that uses steel, nylon, and/or gut strings instead of the usual type of metal. They were invented in the mid-1800s and in some cases prior to that, but they became more prevalent after that time. It’s made from wood and doesn’t rely on electronics to produce sound … Read more

Laminate VS Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar: Find the Right One for You

Laminate guitars are often cheaper than their solid wood counterparts because they are made in large quantities with less expensive materials. Laminate is a general term for plywood used in building a guitar body.  The process may be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically, it involves pressed plywood adhered together with glue and then … Read more

Pedal Tuner VS Clip-On: Which is Most Suitable

A pedal tuner, or electronic tuner, is an instrument that can accurately tune the guitar. Electronic tuners are small enough to fit on a pedalboard and are typically powered by a single 9-volt battery. The guitar is not tuned to any particular pitch other than A = 440Hz which is used for standard tuning, but … Read more