Best Portable Record Players with Speakers Reviewed

A record player is a device for reproducing sound from mechanically recorded discs. From the birth of the phonograph in 1877 until 1948, all records were made of a shellac compound, and played at 78 revolutions per minute (RPM). The term “record” is sometimes used to refer to an audio recording that either originally or … Read more

Best Headphone Amplifiers for Vinyl Turntables

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Best Powered Speakers for Pro-Ject Turntables Reviewed

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10 Excellent Turntable Mods & Upgrades

The turntable is an audio equipment staple for many audiophiles. Inexpensive models can be found at grocery stores and thrift shops, while high-end ones sell for thousands of dollars. However, these devices are often neglected in the continuous quest to buy the next great piece of hi-fi gear. If you’re considering a new purchase or … Read more