Violin Anatomy – Parts Of A Violin Explained

Violin anatomy is a large, complex area of study. This guide will help you become familiar with the violin’s parts and how they function. It will explain the basic anatomy of a violin, as well as some common difficulties faced by string players There are many different types of musical instruments in existence from violins … Read more

Which Wood Is Best For Violin?

Violins are typically made of wood and covered with a varnish. The type of wood matters because it can affect the instrument’s sound quality. Carbon-fiber composite is less expensive but heavy, and string instruments may sound different if played in an acoustic setting. Mahogany and maple are both popular woods used for violins because they … Read more

Ukulele vs Mandolin – Which to go for? Find Out!

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Snark Tuner Comparison: Which is the Best?

Snark Tuner Comparison is an online service to help you find the right tuner for your needs. We only list the best tuners, and we take a look at what type of music you play to recommend specific models. Whether it’s acoustic or electric guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, autoharp – you name it! You can … Read more

Best Phono Preamp For AT-LP120

When recording a vinyl record into a digital format, the audio signal needs to go through a pre-amplifier. This is to compensate for the lower input level from the cartridge and also adjust for any loss of volume due to processing by tape machines, delays in analog stages, or other issues. In order to make … Read more