Best Amps For Electric Violins in 2024

It’s impossible to create a list of the best electric violins because there are so many different factors that determine the quality of an instrument. That being said, here are some helpful hints to narrowing down your search for an amp. The electric violin is quickly becoming a popular instrument. The sound of the violin … Read more

Best Violin Shoulder Rests in 2024

With the upcoming Violin competition just around the corner, it is important that violinists equip their violins with shoulder rests that will provide optimal support and stability during such a crucial performance. Shoulder rests are an important part of any violinist’s setup and should be owned by every player. Some shoulder rests are more expensive … Read more

Best Violin Microphones in 2024

The true quality of any instrument amplifier relies on many factors: the placement and type of the microphone, the features, and the build. With that in mind, we present to you a list of budget options for those looking for a violin microphone. The following three microphones are all compatible with both acoustic and electric … Read more

Cello vs Violin – Which is Better for You?

The cello is a string instrument that produces sound through the vibrations of the strings. The vibrations are transmitted to the bridge (a shaped piece of wood that supports the strings), which transmits them to the soundboard (the large flat surface on top of the instrument). The body (or, upper part) of most cellos contains … Read more

Best Violin Cases in 2024

The best violin cases are the ones that provide the necessary protection to your precious instrument but are also lightweight. These essential requirements will keep your violin safe from any damages while traveling with minimal hassle. There are two main types of cases in this list: the hard-shell cases for pro players and the soft-shell … Read more