Best Violin Strings For Beginners To Pros (2022)

In this guide, I will briefly mention the best violin strings for beginners and pros. It is difficult to find a low-budget set of strings that do not give out on you. A high budget can get you expensive errors and mishaps in your playing. The good part about these sets is that they are … Read more

20 Best Gifts for Violinists in 2022

Looking for good gifts for violin players or violin teachers? Getting violin-related gifts is great because they are thoughtful and personalized to their hobbies. After years of giving violin gifts to friends and receiving gifts from students, I know exactly what gifts musicians love, and which ones they hate! Whether you are looking for a … Read more

Violin Anatomy – Parts Of A Violin Explained

Violin anatomy is a large, complex area of study. This guide will help you become familiar with the violin’s parts and how they function. It will explain the basic anatomy of a violin, as well as some common difficulties faced by string players There are many different types of musical instruments in existence from violins … Read more