Cello vs Violin – Which is Better for You?

What is Cello? The cello is a string instrument that produces sound through the vibrations of the strings. The vibrations are transmitted to the bridge (a shaped piece of wood that supports the strings), which transmits them to the soundboard (the large flat surface on top of the instrument). The body (or, upper part) of … Read more

Best Violin Cases in 2022

The best violin cases are the ones that provide the necessary protection to your precious instrument but are also lightweight. These essential requirements will keep your violin safe from any damages while traveling with minimal hassle. There are two main types of cases in this list: the hard-shell cases for pro players and the soft-shell … Read more

Best Violin Bows Reviewed in 2022

In 2020, carbon fiber will be a major focus of violin bow production. With great balance and control, bows made from this material have been seen as the new standard in the industry. With a price tag that’s still not exactly small but certainly less than a traditional wood bow, there are plenty of options … Read more

Best Violin Rosins On The Market in 2022

Every violinist knows that nothing can come close to the sound of a finely tuned instrument. This is especially true when it comes to your bow, which should have an equal-length dark and light side. There are many ways to adjust this tension between the two sides of your bow, but no matter what you … Read more

Best Violins Under $500 in 2022

What is it about the violin that makes it so addicting? Whether you are an eager student learning how to play, or an accomplished musician looking for a new instrument, the violin has allure. Aspiring violinists and experienced musicians alike can find themselves playing into the early hours of the morning just to hear that … Read more

Best Violins Under $1000 Reviewed in 2022

Violins are typically an inexpensive instrument, but that doesn’t mean they have to be of low quality. In fact, there are a variety of violins that have a price range between $1000 and $2000 that many people love. These violins tend to have a more full-bodied resonance and often a richer sound in the low … Read more

Best Violin Tuners Reviewed

We all want to make sure our violin is in tune. To do this, you need to use a tuner. But it’s not just about the right tuner – other factors influence the sound of your instrument as well. This article provides recommendations for the best violin tuners, reviews for how they work, and what … Read more

Best Cheap Violins 2022 (Under $100)

The violin has been around for centuries, originating from an instrument that was played by shepherds during the Middle Ages. The violin is one of the most popular string instruments in history, with its popularity spanning across different cultures. This article is going to help educate you on what violin brands are worth purchasing so … Read more