Kremona Fiesta FC Classical Guitar Review

The Kremona Fiesta FC Classical Guitar is a beautifully crafted and reasonably priced instrument. The back and sides are made of high quality spruce and the top is made from Indian rosewood. The violin finish on the body adds a beautiful aesthetic to the instrument as well as preventing weather-related wear and tear on its surface.

The tuners are manufactured by Kluson, which means ease of tuning along with tightness that usually only comes from expensive machines. With this guitar, you can practice scales or play complex pieces without fear of any inconsistencies – it has a reliable structure that ensures stability for any playing style or ability level.

Kremona Fiesta FC Artist Series Nylon String Guitar
  • Solid western cedar top
  • Solid Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Authentic bone nut and saddle
  • Handcrafted in Europe
  • Deluxe wooden arch top hard shell case included

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Design and Structure:

This guitar has a traditional classical design  that resonates the craftsmanship of the Kremona brand. It is made entirely out of premium parts that are constructed to perfection, which means that it is incredibly responsive and easy to play.

The neck and fretboard are both made from rosewood, creating a smooth surface for your hand to glide over as you play with minimal effort. The rosewood has been carved and polished to perfection resulting in optimum sound and tone quality. The rosewood outline on the neck is an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch as it compliments the violin finish on the body.

The 22 frets are set out in a comfortable position, allowing for precision and accuracy while you play. The truss-rod has been installed to ensure the guitar’s stability, which is essential for a guitar of this quality. This instrument’s stability will allow you to perform any playing style with absolute confidence.

The bridges are also designed to be extremely stable and reinforced by reinforcing bar. This means that the Kremona Fiesta FC Classical Guitar is incredibly reliable and trustworthy as your playing capabilities increase, as the structure of the guitar allows it to be as responsive as ever throughout your entire life as a guitarist.


The top is made from Indian rosewood and has a violin finish that adds aesthetic value as well as durability and weather resistance. The back and sides are crafted from premium spruce wood, resulting in a balanced tone and consistent sound that is easy to play on. The Kremona Fiesta FC Classical Guitar has a 1-piece solid spruce neck.

The fingerboard and bridge are made from ebony, which only adds value to the instrument as ebony produces an extremely rich sound quality as well as aesthetics. The nylon strings allow for easy playing with low tension, creating the ideal balance between professionals and beginners alike.

The guitar’s measurements are as follows: The scale length is 650mm, the top thickness is 20mm, it has a back thickness of 40mm and the nut width is 45mm. The overall length of the instrument is 900mm.

Sound Quality:

As previously mentioned, the guitar has nylon strings that produce a slightly softer tone that makes it easier to play for beginners or those who are trying to perfect their skills. However, it still produces a quality sound whether you’re playing classical pieces or more complex pieces. I recommend having this guitar tuned once every 3 months to ensure consistency in your playing style.


The nylon strings allow for easier playing and lower tension, which means an overall more comfortable experience when compared with traditional steel-stringed guitars. The steel reinforced truss rod and bridge design is extremely helpful when it comes to the overall stability of the instrument.

This guitar is designed to last a lifetime, so don’t worry about it breaking after a few uses or when your playing capabilities increase.

The rosewood fingerboard makes for optimum comfort and smoothness when you’re playing, while the violin finish on the body creates an aesthetically pleasing look that will add value to your collection. The spruce top adds brilliance and depth to your sound while also adding projection and consistency in sound quality.


  • This guitar is extremely responsive and easy to play.
  • The nylon strings offer a slightly softer tone, which is great for beginners or those who are trying to perfect their skills.
  • This guitar is made from premium wood, which means it will last a lifetime with proper care and attention.
  • It has 22 frets that give you plenty of room for your technique without the worry of any finger movement interference.


  • The truss rod on the back of the instrument could also be stronger as I have had issues with it breaking occasionally due to its fragile construction.


The Kremona Fiesta FC Classical Guitar is a beautiful, beautiful instrument that combines the craftsmanship of Kremona with the durability and reliability of Kluson. It is incredibly responsive and easy to play with both nylon strings that are easy for beginners to play as well as steel strings that are ideal for professionals.

It is also beautifully made with no issues with its structure, which makes it incredibly trustworthy as you continue to develop your skills. Whether this is your first guitar or you’re an accomplished classical guitarist  on a budget – this instrument will be perfect for any playing style or skill level!


Q: Is the kremona Fiesta a good guitar?

A: The Kremona Fiesta is popular. For one, buying it (or returning it) is easy. Online stores like Amazon stock the entire Kremona range. It is a different choice from the usual, a quality guitar hand-made out of solid woods.

Q: Is the kremona S65C the most handsome guitar?

A: The near-entry level Kremona S65C, for instance, targets an advanced beginner. Among other things, it has a striking look I’ve never seen before or since. The purple heart wood fingerboard and bridge give off reddish hues in what must be one of the most handsome guitars in the world.

Q: Which kremona guitars are left-handed?

A: And in the middle of the range are Kremona Sofia, the Kremona Romida as well as the less expensive F65C and the F65CW. Most of these have left-handed versions as also what the company calls ‘fractional guitars’. With reducing scale lengths of 620 mm, 576 mm, 560 mm, 510 mm etc.