What is a Dobro Guitar? A Guide To The Dobro Resonator Guitar

The Dobro is a unique and distinctive-sounding instrument that can trace its roots back to the 1920s. The design and sound of this guitar is attributed to the blacksmith Frank Dominguez who created it as a makeshift instrument for his three sons. Dominguez is also credited with designing the Dobro’s resonator body, which employed a … Read more

Best Guitar Accessories for Guitarist Enthusiasts

If you’re a guitarist, one of the many accessories you’ll want to work into your guitar setup is a guitar strap. Guitar straps are an essential way to balance the weight of your instrument on your body and can help prevent injury in the long run. Guitar straps also give you the freedom to play … Read more

Sustainable Tonewoods for Eco Friendly Guitars

Tonewoods are used for many things in the world of guitars. Basswood is usually found in bass guitars, but is also used to make classical guitars and acoustic guitars. Alder is often found in both electric and acoustic guitar bodies due to its light weight. Just like with any other field, there are sustainable options … Read more