Best Microphone for Conference Room – Audio Technica, Shure, BeyerDynamic & Polycom

If you are here, you’re probably looking for decent microphones for conference rooms.

In that regard, selecting a good microphone can drastically improve the audio quality of the conferences. This choice essentially depends upon your usage and requirements.

Why are Conference Room Mics Important?

The right microphone cannot be a one-size-fits-all sort of procurement. Conference room size, table size and the seating plan are factors that can determine the company requirement.

A small room only requires a solitary microphone in the center. On the other hand, a large room with a long desks needs a multiple mic set-up, as otherwise it can become really inconvenient.

What are the Options?

Looking past the room’s design, the group may require their sound hardware to meet certain specifications. A few arrangements may let clients modify their individual mics. For instance, some mics can have their own mute button. When there is a mute option available individually, it is easy to mute some people while allow others to participate in the conversation.

For the most part, individuals can control capacities like noise levels and wireless mics. A few groups may require their mouthpieces to work with their workstations if the business adopts a BYoD strategy.

While picking the correct meeting mic, there are a few components to consider. It’s critical to realize what the group needs and what will work for their circumstance.

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Which Microphone is Best for Conference Rooms?

Here are the best microphones currently available for meetings and conferences:

Audio Technica U859QL

best microphone for conference room

They are named such as they look like a goose’s neck. These mics are the most ideal approach to get impeccable quality sound. Utilizing a gooseneck mic implies putting resources into multiple mics. There should be a gooseneck at each seat, meaning that each individual will have their own mic.

With gooseneck mics, you do not have to depend on only a couple of receivers to pick up each voice in the room. Gooseneck mics will guarantee that everybody gets to have a say in the conversations. These mics are restricted to the speaker only, and are great are restricting the background noise.

In fact, they are much better at eliminating background noise than another category of mics on this list, the ceiling mics. However, the con is that only will you need to invest in a mic for every individual in the room, there will also be a cluster of equipment and cables on the table.


Gooseneck mics are a decent method to guarantee that each speaker gets heard. Everybody at the gathering table ought to get their own mic, rather than utilizing a common mic that is for the room. They are also known for delivering an extraordinary audio quality.

Their biggest advantage is that they restrict the background noise, meaning that they only pick up the sound that is before them.


Contingent upon what number of members are be in the meeting room, that could mean a great deal of mics. Having a great deal of mics can make the meeting table clustered with a lot of cables and equipment. Even wireless goosenecks cannot limit the fact that a lot of mics have to be put on the table.

1. Shure CVG18

Best Microphone for Conference Room

Anybody looking for an exceptional gooseneck mic will be content with the Shure CVG18. It is a cardioid style mic that perfectly blocks all background noise. It is also equipped with CommShield Technology. This innovation forestalls any undesirable interference from phones and other devices.

Apart from this, the receiver has a mountain flange and a windshield. With their perfect audio quality, the Shure mics are a great value addition to your board or meeting rooms. They are priced at $99.

2. Weymic G109

Weymic is a good reason why one should definitely consider investing in a gooseneck mic. Buying multiple mics can be costly, but not with this device. A single unit costs a mere $45.

This mic can run on batteries or instead can be connected to a wall socket. The Weymic G109 is accessible with a metal base to sit on a work area or table.

3. MXL AC-400

A mid-range gooseneck microphone, the MXL AC 400 is made to deal with video conferencing and other internet communications. Its USB connectivity allows it to be easily paired with Windows and Mac OS X PCs. It additionally has a 15″ adaptable neck, meaning it can be adjusted.

This receiver can be broadened utilizing the three discretionary AC-40EXT units. It is one of the better gooseneck mics available. These mics are priced at $60.

Ceiling Mics

Ceiling mouthpieces can be mounted and installed permanently in the roof to make a perfect look for your room. Or they can also be allowed to hang, like chandelier. The latter might be better idea for rooms with higher ceilings. This allows to mic to pick up on more noises.

No matter how they are installed, these roof mics can catch the whole room’s sound. This is managed without superfluous mess or wires. For huge meeting rooms, one mic may be sufficient to catch all the sound. However, on some occasions, it might be important to have more than one mouthpiece. Ceiling mics receivers can get 360 degrees of sound. These mouthpieces work best in medium-sized meeting rooms.


These are most viable option when you want to prevent the cluster of mics on your conference table. Other mics will occupy a great deal of room on a table and have noticeable wires. Having this microphone will assist with guaranteeing that meeting tables are kept liberated from these irritating wires.

The mics can be set up in different positions. They can be mounted directly into the roof or hung. The former will definitely have a sharper look for your room These mics are valuable since they can get sound from anyplace in the room.


The installation of these mics may need a great deal of planning as walls and ceilings have to be modified before they can be mounted. Moreover, it might be difficult to eliminate background noise as opposed to other mics on this list simply by virtue of the nature of the ceiling mics.

4. ClearOne Ceiling Mic Array

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone array enables 360-degree audio coverage. It additionally has three unidirectional components to decrease the background noise. The mic is enhanced to be utilized with mixers made by ClearOne like the INTERACT Pro and CONVERGE Pro.

This arrangement isn’t as noteworthy as others, as Polycom, however it permits clients to set up more than one mic in a room. This mic looks great in your conference room due to its sleek and smooth design. This mic is perfect for meeting and conference rooms, as well as distance learning centers.

A single set up unit of this mic can cost up to $475.

5. Polycom HDX 8000

This is a very good quality roof mic and the most costly one of this list. This receiver has a 22kHZ, 360-degree voice pickup mic. It can likewise cover in excess of 2,500 square feet. The Polycom HDX roof mic incorporates with Polycom’s HDX video arrangement. It is also compatible and works well with Polycom’s SounD Structure arrangements.

This should be must for any company that is already familiar with, and uses the Polycom interface. It is premium quality, but can cost up to $775.

6. BeyerDynamic Classics BM

For workplaces that are on a limited spending plan and need a ceiling microphone with simple arrangement, the BeyerDynamic Classics BM is made specifically for them. This mic can be installed. Not only is it not visible in the room, but it is also economically feasible. It is priced at $160.

However, this reduction in price does have a trade-off as unlike the other two ceiling mics on this list, this mic does not have 360-degree voice pickup capacities.

Boundary Mics

These mics are in a league of their own, have a very basic concept and have numerous options to choose from in the market. The receiver is placed along the boundary or mounting surface as the name suggests. Essentially, these mics can be set on a table or even on the floor to make the area into a presentation stage.

One significant advantage to utilizing boundary mic is that it pick the voice of any speaker that is before it. When embedded in the desks, these mics and their cables are hardly visible, giving your room a cleaner look.


These boundary mics are perfect for catching the voices of various speakers. Clients of these kinds of speakers just need a couple of deliberately positioned mouthpieces to cover the whole meeting room. These mics however do not pick up low frequencies.

These microphones are very cost-effective. A single unit is can be priced as low as $100, and since most rooms will only need a maximum of two of these, it can definitely be classified as a budget-friendly option.


The issue with boundary mics is a similar issue that ceiling mics face. These mics can get a great deal of background mics. Moreover, since they are regularly positioned on tables, they can pick up on undesirable sound like that of rearranging the papers, for instance.

Contingent upon the meeting room’s size, the group may need to purchase more than one mouthpiece of this type for the room.

7. Philips 9172

This isn’t your normal mic. In fact, this is the branded Philips devices that consolidated the best aspects of a ceiling and a boundary mic. It is capable of picking up 360-degree audio while utilizing air pressure and vibrations from the table to create a quality sound.

The Philips 9172 can be placed in the middle of the tablet and can still gather everyone’s sound. It also is equipped with audio enhancing advanced tools and features. It can be bought for around $140.

8. Audio Technics Pro 44

This is a brand that is celebrated for its sound quality. The Pro 44 is a fitting testament to the brand’s reputation. This mic has a low-mass diaphragm and a wide-go condenser. These allow the mic to have an unrivalled performance. The mics work on batteries, so there’s no compelling reason to locate an external power source.

Additionally, they convey clear sound. There’s a link included with the mic which will help diminish the expenses related with buying accessories. Nonetheless, what makes this mic extraordinary is that has Audio-Technica’s quality. It can be bought for $99.

9. MXL AC404 USB

This is a boundary mic with a universal connection. It with USB connectivity that allows it to be paired with PCs and laptops. It also has a headphone jack built-in and speaker monitoring. This assists with guaranteeing that the mic will record the best audio quality without level drops or spikes.

The USB link is 6-feet long, loaning greater adaptability to the mic area and arrangement. A single unit of the MXL AC404 USB mic costs around $75.

Speaker Phones

This is one of the more conventional alternatives and it’s presumably one that is utilized frequently. Present day speakerphones can do a great deal and are sufficiently shrewd to work with phones. Speakerphones are now equipped with touch screens and 360-degree audio pickup, similar to the ceiling mics referenced before.

Speakers telephones can be utilized as an independent gadget and clients, with the help of the touch screen, can control everything. They also don’t occupy a great deal of room on a work area like a gooseneck mic. They likewise don’t look awful sitting on a meeting table.

Additionally, they have Bluetooth connectivity and UC integrations along with a range improving capability for a few in this category.


These speakerphones will in general be VoIP telephones that are intended for meetings. They have a ton of good aspects, normally present UC and VoIP devices.

Speakerphones are anything but difficult to utilize and won’t ruin the appearance of the workplace. Most speakerphones can get voices that around 20 feet away.


Since they use the equivalent 360-degree interface that ceiling mics use, they will experience similar drawbacks. These mics tend to gather a lot of background noise. Moreover, despite the fact that speakerphones have been modernized, the idea of utilizing a speakerphone is obsolete.

There are more affordable speakerphone alternatives accessible. Nonetheless, the ones that have the most important features can get expensive.

10. Vtech VCS704

This Vtech speakerphone will leave numerous individuals astounded by its worth and quality. It accompanies four remote mics that clients can put all through the meeting room. The remote mics will guarantee that each voice gets caught. The magnetic charging bays on the base allows for wireless charging.

The Vtech VC2704 utilizes digital mixing, sound balance and equalization to create the best audio quality. It has minimized structure seen in numerous different speakerphones and is priced at around $260.

11. Jabra Speak 410 USB

This is a decent speakerphone for anybody searching for a telephone call arrangement. The Jabra 410 accompanies a USB connection that permits the client to connect it and promptly begin utilizing the mouthpiece.

The speaker is minimal and fit for moving any place the client goes. It additionally has physical call controls. This speaker is perfect for the individual who needs an economical arrangement alongside a device performs well. This speakerphone is accessible for around $80 in the market.


Q: Which microphone is the best?

A: Shure SM57. Shure is a popular company offering many affordable microphones. Behringer XM8500. The ultimate budget option,the XM8500 is excellent for live performance. Sennheiser e835. … Audix i5. … AKG D5. … Rode NTK. … MXL 770. … Neumann TLM-102. … Audio-Technica AT2035. … AKG C214. …

Q: What are the best microphones for podcasting?

A: Versatile entry-level podcasting mic. Designed specifically for podcasting,the AKG Lyra is one of the more visually interesting mics in the list. Perfect for podcasters who record on location. … Solid entry-level mic with unique functionality. … Best all-rounder for podcasting and more. … Superb value podcasting mic for beginners. …

Q: What is the best budget microphone?

A: Shure SM48-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone. First on our list is the The Shure SM48-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone. … Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone. Another one of the best cheap microphones we have for you is the Samson Go,which is essential for those on the … Snowball Black iCE USB Microphone. …

Q: What is the best microphone for recording in a room?

A: Best USB Microphone for recording: Blue Yeti Condenser (view more images) Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz; The Blue Yeti is one of the best microphones on the market due to its clear sound quality. It is available in seven different colors.