How To Make Headphones Louder | A Six Step Guide

One of the most exciting technologies in years is the technological advancement in headphones. They have had a close relationship with Hollywood movies, music, and gaming. As technology has developed so has the package of headphones.

There are now typically two different types of headphone- wireless or wired. The differences between these two packages are what will determine if you should choose one or another or if you should look into both options for your future purchase.

Headphones are decided by their amplification levels that vary from 10- 40 decibels on some models offering better sound quality at higher volumes while others offer only bass response on some models allowing for higher volume levels on lower quality audio tracks with less distortion.

Headphones are a must have for all music lovers, gaming enthusiasts and movie watchers. Headphones come in a wide variety of types and styles creating a choice for everyone.

The ear bud headphones are still considered the most popular kind of headphone with the majority of people choosing this type over the ones that go into your ears called the ‘In ear’ headphones. This does not mean that there is no other kind available for you to choose from.

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Tips for Making Headphones Louder:

Adjust Device Settings:

If the sound is too low on your computer, you may be able to increase the volume level in Device Settings. You can find this in Control Panel and in the Sound section.

If there is a headphone icon, you should see a slider which will allow you to adjust your audio levels for both headphones and speakers.

Adjust Headphones:

The volume control for most headphones tends to be located on the cord or closest to where it connects with the actual earbuds or speakers depending on its model and brand. This tends to be placed right after the connection point between each speaker and earbud.

This can be a little tricky to operate as the volume control on the actual headphones is very small and hard to reach. In order to make it louder, you will have to attach a device that has an audio input from either a digital audio player or phone.

You may need to hold down the lock release button located on the side of the headphones and then plug in your device. Keep in mind that this will either increase or decrease volume but won’t have an impact on other applications on your computer, tablet or phone.

Clean Headphone:

If your headphones have a wire that plugs into a device, dust will usually accumulate inside the wire and this will cause the sound level to decrease. If you have a wire that plugs into the headphone itself, make sure to wipe it down with a cloth or tissue to ensure that no debris collects inside.

If you are sharing earbuds & wireless headphones make sure to check for outside particles on any connecting wires. You can also simply clean them out with some rubbing alcohol and a paper towel which will help lubricate the metal surfaces inside.

Use Headphone Amplifier:

You can also use a headphone amplifier to increase the volume level. An example of this would be the Ifi I7, an external amplifier that is specifically made for headphones that offer multiple different equalizer settings.

You can then adjust the equalizer setting for your particular genre of music which will enhance your sound quality even more so. This model is sort of pricey at $249 but you will get quality sound response with very little background noise or distortion.

Tips For Making Headphones Louder Using EQ Settings:

Use Equalizer App:

You can also manually adjust the equalizer setting for your headphones by downloading an app that allows you to do so. The app will allow you to increase the bass, mid, and treble levels on your headphones so that it is adjusted according to your preferences.

Keep in mind that some headphones have built-in equalizer settings that will give you more customization options.

Use An Appropriate Headphone Size:

Headphones are available in different sizes that will be suitable for the recording artist or just about any type of person. You can find them in small earbud size , medium, large and extra large headphones.

The larger headphone sizes tend to have more bass response which can be beneficial if you are listening to any type of music genre that has a bit more bass than normal. Some headphones offer high frequency sound response while others can offer high frequency sound response or higher volume.


When choosing headphones for any type of genre, always think about the sound that you are listening to. If you are listening to a lot of jazz music, then you may want some headphones that will give you higher treble response. If you are looking for some bass heavy headphones for hip hop, go for the over the ear so that your ears can actually feel the bass response.

Once you have decided on your genre of music, pick out some headphones that have an appropriate size so that your ears can actually hear all of it.

When looking to make headphones louder, make sure to use an EQ app or Amplifier. Always try to clean your headphones with isopropyl alcohol and a tissue before storing them away. Lastly, make sure that you are using the appropriate size, typically over the ear headphones provide the best sound quality when compared to other types of headphones.


Q: Is there any way to make my headphones louder?

A: Buy a volume booster (headphone amp) Change your iPhone volume limit Clean your headphones Change your EQ settings Get a volume booster app Buy good headphones Turn the levels up on your apps

Q: How to make headphones sound better on computer?

A: Invest in good desktop speakers. If you’re still using the speakers built into your laptop for listening to music,then this is how to transform your desktop music experience in … Try home-specific headphones. … Upgrade your DAC. … Boost your wi-fi. … Use a hi-res music streaming service. … Download music rather than stream. … Make sure your desk is sturdy. …

Q: How can I increase the volume of my headphones?

A: Use a Headphone volume booster app. … Make sure your speakers have as little dust as possible. … Try better audio and music apps. … Go to a higher quality setting on your music streaming app. … Find the best headphones. … Connect your headphone to a portable DAC. … Connect to a Bluetooth or smart speaker. …

Q: How to make your headphones sound better?

A: How to make Headphones louder and better. Use Volume Boosting Apps. Adjust your device’s audio settings for best performance. Make sure your volume is set to max. Clean your headphones. Use an amplifier to boost sound quality. Check for hardware issues. Listen to music on a better app or player.