Gaming Headset vs Headphones – Which is Better?

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Gaming Headsets?

The gaming headset is a computer peripheral that converts digital audio into analog signals that can be sent to speakers or headphones. This allows modern video game consoles and personal computers to produce high-quality 3D sound effects like those heard in movie theaters, where sound is converted back into acoustic waves through vibrations of your ears.

As far as the function goes, it’s straightforward; but for gamers who want top-quality sound, this has now become an essential piece of equipment.

The first gaming headsets came into the picture in the early 1990s. At that time, PCs had no native sound card, but if one wanted to play games one had to buy a costly sound card separately, which cost quite a lot of money. To solve this problem, some companies developed their own additional audio hardware with their own standard of quality.

If you are a gamer looking for the best gaming headset, then you have come to the right place. For decades, gamers have been using different types of headsets with varying degrees of success. Most gamers use high-end headsets that offer multiple features including surround sound technology and noise cancellation capabilities.

This blog post contains reviews of some common gaming headsets available on the market today as well as some recommendations on what to look for in a headset before purchasing one for your own personal use.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is excellent and offers a wide range of frequencies. The bass is powerful, while the trebles stay clear, even at high volumes.

Noise Cancellation

The microphone quality will be affected if too much noise is coming from the surroundings of your headset. To counteract this problem, you can toggle Noise-Canceling on or off with a simple switch on the back of the headset.


It is essential to mention that this headset is made of plastic and can easily break under higher pressure. However, it resists daily wear and tear and still performs as expected.


This headset has a standard audio jack of 3.5mm and will work with most audio devices, such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc. The length of the cable is 1.8 meters and can be extended through the use of the extension cable included in the package.

Microphone/Speaker Switch

The microphone is retractable, so it can be adjusted to the user’s preference. When you want to talk, simply pull it out and when you don’t need it, simply retract it. The speaker is also easily accessible on the front of the headset. You can turn it up or down by pressing one of the volume control buttons. It can be rotated up or down without any trouble.


Gaming headsets offer a unique and personalized way of enjoying the video games you love. They come with a few different features, some more important than others. The sound quality is high on everybody’s list, but other features such as comfort and compatibility may also be important to you.

A gaming headset typically includes controls on the cord or on an in-line controller. These allow you to change the volume, mic input, and sound effects (such as spatial surround). They are usually adjustable, but some are hard-wired. This is convenient if you need to adjust the level of your mic input for different games, and it saves the hassle of looking for and scratching up a controller.

Gaming Headphones?

Gaming headphones are a type of headphones that typically focus on the needs of gamers. The first iteration of such headphones was created in 1977 as a side project by James Clark, an engineer at NASA who wanted to create a high-quality pair of airline headsets for use playing games.

Over time, technological developments improved the overall quality and design. Gaming headphones are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, with various companies producing video game headphones.

Gaming headphones are specifically designed to improve the experience of playing video games. The most notable feature for this is virtual surround sound, which, when implemented correctly, allows the user to experience audio much more realistically than when using standard stereo or even surround sound.

Such technology tries to replicate the way that sounds are perceived when in real life. Virtual surround sound technology comes in two forms: Dolby 5.1 surround sound, which is produced using a technology licensed by Dolby Laboratories, and DTS surround sound, which is produced using a technology licensed by Digital Theater Systems.

Another significant feature that gaming headphones have is microphone compatibility. This feature enables the user to communicate with other people who are playing games or watching shows together. Gaming headphones allow one to experience the game much more realistically than with standard headphones and loudspeakers.


  • Premium Detachable Mic
  • EQ Controller
  • Mic Personality: Clear, Dark, Powerful
  • USB Charging Port
  • Onboard Memory for Voice Profiles
    The ASUS Cerberus Gaming Headset is a must have for any gamer. It features a premium construction with a detachable mic and EQ controller. With a USB charging port and onboard memory, the ASUS Cerberus is the ideal choice when you’re on the move. It has been designed to have superior sound quality thanks to an epic 7.


It is a given that gaming headphones are going to be more expensive than your garden-variety earbuds. There are a variety of different reasons for this. One is that gamers play games with the audio turned up, and headphones allow for this to happen without disturbing anyone around them. Gaming headphones also have the effect of blocking out outside noise, so you can enjoy your game without being distracted by what is going on around you.

What Is the Difference ?

The difference between a gaming headset vs headphones is numerous. Gaming headsets contain an amplifier that can isolate directional sounds for better awareness, whereas all sound is played through the speaker on headphones. The sound quality of gaming headsets is much clearer and crisper than that of typical headphones because they have multiple speakers positioned to bounce the sound off your head.

Being able to pinpoint where enemies are coming from in games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty adds crucial awareness, which is one thing gaming headset has over normal headphones. With headphones, the sound is played out of the same speaker or headphone that you are wearing, making it more of a brain-dead experience.

Because gaming headsets have louder speakers, you are required to have bigger headphones to actually achieve the same level of awareness. Other than being able to track your enemy position better, a gaming headset is also more comfortable even for hours of continuous use.

Finally, gaming headsets are more appealing in a fashion aspect. While headphones are often considered as plain and dorky, gaming headsets are often worn by their manufacturers themselves. One can easily identify a gaming headset over its headphone counterpart because it’s brightly colored. Some companies even make special models meant for gamers exclusively because of how attractive they look.

On the other hand, headphones are much more portable than gaming headset. Their smaller size makes them easier to bring around because they can be easily slipped into bags or small handbags like your phone/wallet/wallet-sized purse.


And there you have it, our two products boiled down to the key points that set them apart. After reading this post, you should be able to confidently choose between our gaming headset and our headphones for your own unique needs. We hope you found it helpful!

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Are headphones or headsets better for gaming?

In summary, in terms of sound quality, headphones fare better. But this implies you need to invest in a separate microphone if you intend to use it for multiplayer games. Headsets, meanwhile, are ideal for competing gamers.

What is the difference between a gaming headset and normal headphones?

Gaming headphones focus on creating surround sound. … The features that consumer headphones offer is what makes them perfect for listening to music and an okay option for playing games because of their sound quality. Since gaming headphones do not have a proper mid-range, they create distortion.

Can I use a gaming headset as headphones?

Traditional gaming headsets can be defined as headphones with a built-in microphone. … More often than not, you’ll instead be skimping on some of the higher-end features or quality you’d find in a regular audio headset and microphone combo.

Are headphones better than headsets?

A dedicated headphone has a Soundstage feature that lets you hear great sounding music. The difference between headset and headphones lies in the sound performance for sure. Headphones are mostly preferred for their sound quality. Performance-wise headphone scores high.


Q: Are headphones better than headsets for gaming?

A: Whether you’re in the market for a new gaming headset yourself or are looking for a great gift this holiday season, the EPOS Audio H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset is a no-brainer and available at World Wide Stereo. EPOS is no stranger to providing quality audio at the highest levels of gaming.

Q: Which headphone will be the best for gaming?

A: Nintendo Switch OLED. … Nintendo Switch online 12 month gift card. … Razer kishi. … Oculus quest 2. … ‘Metroid Dread’. … SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch. … Panasonic SC-HTB01 soundslayer soundbar. … Turtle Beach recon 200 generation 2. … Logitech G203 lightsync gaming mouse. … Elgato HD60 S+capture card. …

Q: What is the best wireless headset for gaming?

A: HyperX Cloud Alpha — Best all-around gaming headset. MSRP:$99.99 HyperX outdid itself with the Cloud Alpha,or HyperX Cloud III,as I’ve termed it in my head. Logitech G Pro X — A close second. MSRP:$129.99 A close contender to the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the Logitech G Pro X. … Cooler Master MH752 — A close third. … Astro A10 — Best budget gaming headset. …

Q: What gaming headset should I buy?

A: – Prefer a dedicated mic? Check out the best gaming microphones – Pair your headset with the best gaming mouse – Try the best gaming mouse pads