Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones For Gaming – Which is Better?

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Open Back

Open-back headphones are made for listening to music. They are typically larger in size than closed-back headphones, have more extended bass frequencies and a wider frequency range. Most open-back headphones also have a detachable cable with an included stereo 3.5 mm jack for use with mobile devices and computers or in-line volume control and microphone for calls on wired phones.

Open-back headphones put the wearer closer to the air (sound) in order to deliver better audio quality when listening to music or watching movies, gaming, or playing video games.

While open-back headphones are good for listening to music, they tend to be poor or average at blocking out surrounding noises. They also tend to have lower sensitivity than normal headphones. This means that they will not play as loudly as closed-back headphones when plugged into a given volume control setting on a source device.

For this reason, open-back headphones are often quieter than closed-back headphones and require an amplifier or an audio output setting with higher gain in order to produce high levels of sound from the speakers.

Types of Open Back Headphones For Gaming

  • Open Back Headphones are one of the most popular options for gamers.
  • These headphones offer an immersive audio experience that can help you get in the game. An open-back design offers superior clarity while eliminating or reducing the potential for outside sound interference, noise pollution, and outside noises like traffic or other people talking.
  • They also offer a wider frequency response so they will be able to easily match the tones of games and other audio sources without distortion.

Sound Quality

Gaming has taken on a whole new level of immersion. With video games becoming more complex, the sound quality has to be amazing in order to keep players focused on the game. This article will help you understand how Open Back Headphones compare to noise-canceling headphones when it comes to sound quality, giving you all the tools you need for your next gaming purchase.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is the first major concern with any pair of headphones, but it’s especially important for people who are heavy gamers. Why? The more noise you can block out around you, the better your ability will be to focus on enemy movement.


Open-back headphones are more comfortable than closed-back headphones. Open backs usually rest on top of your ears, so they don’t push down on them as much as closed backs. This same type of comfort is also provided by the Materials involved in manufacturing open-back headphones since they are made with breathable cloth and leather.


  • Portability
  • Connectivity
  • Noise-cancelling
  • Sound quality
  • Scroll through this list of the biggest hitters in the gaming headphones space, and you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing new to read. True, brands have been making gaming headsets for over forty years now. But something has changed in recent years.

Closed Back

Closed-back headphones for gaming are a relatively new and fast-growing product in the headphone market. It is aimed at gamers and casual listeners who want to enjoy rich sound which has deep punchy bass, without distracting others or getting too loud.

Closed-back headphones for games started to take over the market with many brands introducing their own pair of such headphones which most of them delivering great quality audio that competes with high-end products in the industry. Below are some of the best closed-back headphones for gaming that you must give a try.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Bluetooth headset is an amazing gaming headset with very good EQ settings, can be used even on mobile devices, although it may seem bulky due to its huge earcup. Nonetheless, the sound quality is top-notch, deep bass combined with crystal clear mids and highs give you crisp audio for all genres of games.

Types of Closed Back Headphones For Gaming

  • Open back headphones let in more sound.
  • This is helpful when listening to music or watching movies, but it could be distracting for gaming so closed back headphones are best for gaming.
  • Closed back headphones also reduce leakage of outside sound and noise which can sometimes get in the way of gameplay so they’re good for playing online games such as FPS games and MMOs.

Sound Quality

Closed Back headphones offer the best sound quality, especially for gaming. This is because they block outside noise and focus solely on the game audio. They are usually more expensive than regular headphones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal.

Noise Isolation

Closed-Back Headphones, also known as Isolation Headphones, are designed with a closed back. This type of headphone is best for gamers because it will block out exterior noise that may distract from your gameplay.


Closed-back headphones provide a more isolated and focused sound experience. They aren’t good for listening to music based on the rhythm of the instrumentation, but if you’re looking for a more true-to-life gaming experience, closed-back headphones under $500 are ideal.


Closed back headphones offer more portability than the open-back kind. The tips of the cups rest on your ears to keep in a lot of sound and reduce external noise, which makes them a great option for playing in noisy environments or anywhere without ceiling fans.

Which is Better?

Your decision of the type of headphones you should be using can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. With many different types of headphones available, it can be difficult to understand which one you need for which purpose. The genre of gaming you play can also influence which kind of headphone you should use.

No-one will argue that playing games with headphones is better than doing it without, but the question is by how much? You can’t really compare both types of headphones when using them in the wrong way.

Which is Better Open Back Headphones vs Closed Back Headphones?
Recently, certain companies have taken it upon themselves to create headsets which are open instead of closed.


It’s impossible to come up with a general answer to this question. In general, closed back headphones are better for gaming. However, the way you use your headphones is going to make a greater impact on which type of headphone is best for you.

In this article we’ll be comparing open back vs closed back headphones and discussing which one is better for gaming in various scenarios. We’ll also discuss a few other important factors that you should consider when investing in quality headgear – comfort, sound quality, and durability.


Are open back headphones better for gaming?

Open-back headphones are generally more popular with gamers precisely because they create a wider sound-stage and have better stereo imaging. Wearers find them more comfortable, too, and appreciate the more natural sound.

Is closed-back better for gaming?

Over-ear gaming headsets are almost always resoundingly in the closed-back camp. … There are some convincing benefits to this approach, too – especially when it comes to gaming headsets. Closed-back headsets prevent sound leakage – audio seeping out of your headset – and isolate your ears from the outside world.

Do open back headphones sound better than closed-back?

Closed headphones are designed to isolate you from external ambient noise to varying degrees. … Open headphones are designed to allow audio leakage out of the earpieces. They don’t block out ambient noise. However, open-back models can often sound more airy, clear or spacious versus their closed counterparts.

Are open back headphones better for FPS?

Definitely open cans are better for gaming think HD558/598, DT990. Better soundstage and can hear yourself better if you talk with a clip on mic or something though for me it doesn’t matter because I use a mixer with a mic so I can feed in my own voice.


Q: What are the best open back headphones for gaming?

A: Sennheiser GSP 500 Headset. The open back twin to the well-reviewed GSP 600,the Sennheiser GSP 500 and GSP 600 are essentially one and the same. Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition. If you’re not quite sure about open-back headphones just yet,you might want to take a look at the Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. … Philips Fidelio X2HR. …

Q: Which is better open back or closed back headphones?

A: In quiet surroundings Home listening Music production (mixing/mastering) Hi-res audio

Q: What are the best closed back headphones?

A: Ultrasone Edition 5 S-Logic X. Product Description: The S-logic X headphone is a different headphone as it focuses on both comfort and sound quality. Audio Technica ATH-M50x. Product Description: ATH-M50x can work for all types of uses,whether it is for mixing up music or simply listening to music. AKG Pro Audio K92. … Philips SHP2600. … Sennheiser HD 202. …

Q: Are open back headphones better?

A: Open-back headphones sound better than closed-back headphones because they allow sound to escape more freely. Sounds aren’t muffled with closed-back headphones, resulting in a clearer and more immersive listening experience. Many features and elements work together to give open-back headphones an edge over their closed-back counterparts.