Best Microphones for iPad Pro, Mini Reviewed

Microphones for iPad come in really handy when it comes to digital content creation.

Hence we have reviewed some of the Best Microphones for iPad which can be connected externally & are easy to use.

However, if you need to benefit as much as possible from its substance creation power, you’ll have to make sense of how to sidestep its only major limitation: its mic. The already installed microphone may work for chatting and other basic routine purposes, but it was not intended to catch content-level sound!

Fortunately, this is a test that can be resolved with a straightforward fix. All that is needed is an external mic. A brief glance at the best mouthpieces for iPad will give you that you have various choices to browse… and a considerable lot of them are reasonable, yet additionally light-weight and versatile!

In this post, you’ll locate the top mic for iPad available today. In the event that you as of now have an iPad, you’re as of now almost the entire way there.

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The Best Microphones For iPad in 2024

Here are the ideal mic choices to make your content comparable to other creators and professionals in terms of its quality:

1. Best Choice: Shure MV88

Best Microphones For iPad

Little, harmless, easy to understand, and ground-breaking, the Shure MV88 can transform your iPad into a master audio-capturing device. Plug it in, and you are good to go! This mic from Shure is one of the coolest mics we’ve found in quite a while.

Apart from its minimal and compact design, it is easy to use, quick to set up, sufficiently versatile to take out and about, and sufficiently durable to get hammered!

It accompanies five simple to utilize preset modes, which you can modify to suit your sound needs and environment These modes incorporate features for speech, flat, acoustic instrument, flat and loud.

This enables you to rapidly change your setup on the fly, sparing you significant time and enabling you to catch the most ideal sound immediately. Shure additionally gives MOTIV Audio, and MOTIV Video, free applications to be used with the Shure MV88.

These are an accommodating feature, to say the least, and offer a considerable amount extra value by giving these additional functionalities.

The mic comes with a windscreen too, to help secure your sound on breezy days. The mic’s angle can also be adjusted and pointed in any direction you want. This is particularly useful when your iPad is placed on a tripod stand.

Generally speaking, in case you’re explicitly searching for an iPad mic, barely any different alternatives even come close to the Shure MV88. Use it to record addresses, to vlog, to begin your YouTube channel  or in any event, for catching a few vocals and signals.

Key Features of Shure MV88

•             Portable and economical

•             Multiple recording presets available

•             Two free applications to help with professional work

•             Rotating and adaptable head

2. Honorable Mention: Rode VideoMic Me

The Rode VideoMic Me consolidates a moderate price with a TRRS cardioid microphone that is designed particularly for the iOS gadgets.

The Rode VideoMic is there for open-air recording meetings. It accompanies open-cell foam and a synthetic fur hide that should negate wind commotion and some other undesirable sounds while you’re recording outside. Contrasted with our top pick, it doesn’t have the same number of extravagant highlights, however, in case you’re searching for a solid and to some degree less expensive alternative, this one possesses all the necessary qualities.

This mouthpiece connects right to your phone’s TRRS audio jack. There is likewise a 3.5mm earphone output on the microphone, meaning that you can monitor your recording in real-time.  

With regards to its device compatibility, it is not just iOS gadgets that can work with this shotgun mic. Regardless of whether you switch between various smartphones or tablet models and OS, the receiver should work similarly well.

For instance, if you mount it on an Android gadget, it will, in any case, have a similar output as compared to the iOS. Getting this mic is a solid buy and you do not have to worry about discarding it even when you change devices and platforms

Likewise, its recording audio quality should not be undermined either. It is a cardioid, profoundly directional amplifier, and hence, it totally negates the effects of background noises. At long last, the Rode VideoMic Me is a flexible choice for the individuals who appreciate recording on the fly.

Key Features of Rode VideoMic Me

•             Compatible with a multitude of gadgets

•             Comes with a windscreen

•             Too near the screen, may meddle with some phone’s camera

3. Best Budget Option: Movo MA 200

The Movo MA200 is an Omni-Directional Calibrated TRRS condenser assembled explicitly considering the Apple iPad. 

Try not to let the size and price-point make a fool out of you— the Movo MA 200 is a totally able mouthpiece. Since it’s one of the least expensive mics for brilliant gadgets around, you can buy it without any risks, and plunge into shooting and recording immediately.

It has a minimized and compact design, so you can take it with you any place you go. This makes it monstrously helpful if a chance to record something leaps out of the blue.

In spite of the size, the mic is intense as nails. It’s made out of quality aluminum which guarantees it won’t get any harmed in your pocket or sack, and it will keep going for considerable amount of time. To mount it to a gadget, simply plug it into the sound jack. Since it is smaller than most of its contemporaries, you don’t need to stress over it slipping in the frame during your recording.

As for the recording aspect, the Movo MA 200 mic offers an omnidirectional pickup pattern, which means it will get all sounds similarly well, paying little heed to where they’re coming from. So in case you’re searching for a mic that can record a board conversation or meeting a few people on the double, you will love this device.

Key Features of Movo MA 200:

•             Portable and compact

•             Omnidirectional

•             Economical

•             No battery needed as it draws power from the gadget

4. Best Studio Use iPad Mic: Shure MV51

In case you’re searching for a retro design that will be backed up with great quality audio working in a studio with your iPad, at that point look no farther than the Shure MV51. The Shure MV51 is a top of the line mouthpiece that can be utilized ‘in a hurry’ just as mounted onto a stand in a studio.

This mic is intended to associate straightforwardly to an iOS gadget without requiring any connectors or association packs. It additionally accompanies a MicroB-to-USB link and a MicroB-to-Lightning cord, so it can without much of a stretch connect with multitude of gadgets and devices.

This directional receiver has five DSP preset modes (same As the Shure model we rated as our best pick) but it can also naturally tune the sensitivity and EQ; you can either physically set up the recording options or let the gadget locate an ideal arrangement.

There’s an inherent board just beneath the container where you can alter the chronicle mode, amplifier affectability, quiet the mic, and change the earphone volume.

The 1-inch mic capsule in an all-metal packaging gives this great gadget a classic vibe. It can remain on its own due to the rear desktop stand. Be that as it may, it likewise has a standard 5/8″ inch string, permitting you to mount it onto practically some other ordinary mic stand.

This adaptability makes it advantageous for studio use, as you can situate it any way you need. You can even associate the receiver to your PC or another gadget by means of the included link, and afterward position it further away.

In case you’re searching for a high-caliber, adaptable mic for studio use, make a point to look at the Shure MV51.

Key Features of Shure MV51

•             Compatible with most PCs and devices

•             Contains 5 DSP preset recording modes

•             Touch-screen control

•             Simple to set up to any mic stand

Who Should Purchase a Mic for an iPad?

All iPad mic function admirably with different iOS gadgets, so regardless of whether you don’t have an iPad, you can utilize the mic with an iPhone. Besides, in the event that you don’t claim an iOS gadget, numerous models are additionally perfect with Android gadgets. In fact, a portion of these receivers are likewise perfectly compatible with PC and Mac PCs.

Then again, an iOS mic is a helpful gadget. It’s normally little and simple to heft around, so journalists today prefer to use them instead of the antiquated transcription machines. Because of iOS mics you can record and in a split second share this recording by means the applications present on your iOS gadget. Likewise, you can utilize sound altering and editing applications to trim or tune your recording immediately.

Along these lines, a mic for iPad can be tremendously helpful in different conditions. In case you’re vlogging ‘in a hurry’ (from various urban communities, occasions, and different environmental factors), on the off chance that you are a novice or expert columnist, or a non-mainstream producer recording with your iPhone (there’s a whole film development concentrated on shooting with handheld gadgets), such a mouthpiece will prove to be useful.

It can likewise support you in case you’re recording live streams or directing significant calls from your iOS gadget. In general, it’s obviously better to have it than not, paying little heed to your recording requirements.

The Shure MV88 is certainly a studio quality mic. This is the reason it was a simple decision when it came to choosing our top pick for the best mics for iPad!

Significant Features to Consider

There are a few things that you have to remember when searching for a quality iPad mic.

•             DSP Modes

The distinction between an iPad mic and a PC mic is that they’re normally intended for and utilized in various situations. Rather than having a specific room, the iOS mic will frequently be utilized to record outside, inside, during boisterous occasions, or in super-calm surroundings.

That’s the reason we need multiple DSP Modes and presets to switch easily among different modes. Strong iOS mics need 3 fundamental DSP modes at the very least, however the very good quality models contain up to five.

•             Microphone Type

Before you get an iOS receiver, you should comprehend what kind of sound you would need to record. Do you need a shotgun mic that lone registers the sound in a straight way while dismissing the background noises? Or on the other hand do you need an omnidirectional mouthpiece that will catch sounds from all directions?

This relies for the most part upon the kind of substance you need to create. In the event that you need to record travel and journey vlogs, get the surrounding sounds, or shows, at that point settle on an omnidirectional mic. Bi-directional and stereo mics are beneficial for one-on-one interviews. Finally, on the off chance that you’ll record just yourself, get a cardioid mic.


These are the absolute best mouthpieces for iPad. In the event that you are serious about creating incredible quality sound, any of these mics will carry out the responsibility. Our top pick however would need to be the Shure MV88. It accompanies five preset modes and can undoubtedly fit in your pocket or rucksack.


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Q: How do you turn on microphone on iPad?

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