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Best Microphones for YouTube

In the realm of YouTube, there exist many different types of microphones. It is important to select the best microphone for YouTube in order to produce a high-quality video.

This post will discuss some of the best microphones for youtube videos.

It will also provide you with a few insights into the best ways to use these microphones for your videos.

To best decide on the right microphone, you need to think about which type of recording you want to do.

There are three main categories for microphones for recording sound on YouTube:

1. Person-in-the-Video

microphone for youtube video

These microphones are usually handheld with a clip-on stand or base. They are used for Skype calls and other video calls, but they aren’t the tool of choice for audio. They are often used by many news vloggers such as CNN, BBC, and Stuff TV.

2. Lavalier

These microphones are small and easily hidden in clothing, on a collar, or in a lanyard around the neck. They usually used for interviews and/or commentary on video, but they can also be used by news vloggers. They are quite popular among YouTubers who broadcast live to create quality audio for their online streaming events.

3. Studio

These are the best microphone for YouTube because they produce better quality sound than other types of microphones. They typically require a small stand or cage, but they can also be mounted directly onto a camera. They are useful for both interviews and commentary work on YouTube.

The microphone you choose is also determined by the type of content you will be creating. For example, if your video will be about technology, then the best microphone for YouTube will be an omnidirectional recording microphone with a large-diaphragm because it provides superior quality audio from all angles.

The best microphone for YouTube is an omnidirectional microphone that can produce audio from anywhere, including the front, back, left and right. They are usually much larger than regular microphones with an area close to that of a tennis ball.

How to Choose a Microphone for YouTube Videos

1. Condenser Vs. Dynamic :

Condenser mics are those that have a more sensitive pickup, allowing you to pick up louder and clearer voices. They also have a better sound quality compared to dynamic mics which can reduce the sound of your voice.

2. USB Vs. Non-USB :

USB mics can be connected directly to the computer without any additional wires. But however, they are also more expensive than non-USB mics.

3. Number of channels:

If you want to record multiple people (such as a choir or band), then you should look for a microphone with at least 5 channels for clean sound recording. In addition, there are some USB microphones that have 5 channels on board.

4. Noise cancellation:

This feature ensures smooth and clear sound recording as well as reduces background noise. It is quite good if you are recording videos of your kid.

5. Power :

There are a lot of sound cards with low-power requirements, which means it does not require much power compared to the other devices. For example, a Sony can run on a 1 Amp power while an Audio Technica requires 3 Amps while some require more power than that.

6. Control:

There are various controls that come with this device like gain, tone control, and filter controls. These controls allow you to adjust the sound differently while recording. You can easily choose the outputs such as AUX or PCM so that you can easily connect the mic to your PC.

7. Diameter:

In general, it is the diameter of the device while including the capsules. The smaller the diameter of the capsule, the more accurate it will be in picking up sound accurately and in making high-quality recordings.

8. Portability:

When recording videos, you might need to change some places or stand still in a fixed spot for hours. For this, make sure your mic is portable enough. A mic can also be lightweight and thus easy to carry.

9. Weight:

This can vary depending on the device. Some microphones are light and small while some are heavy and bulky. But by using a good mount you can easily reduce the weight of the mic by over 60%.

10. Size:

It also varies depending on the mics, even some of them are flat while others come in an XL-sized form factor. The size is something that you can check before choosing one, so see what fits your needs best.

7 Best Microphones for YouTube

The following are some of the best microphones for YouTube in different price ranges.

1. Rode NT-USB :

best microphones for youtube

Rode NT-USB is a digital USB microphone. One of the best things about this mic is that it comes with a free PC and Mac software that can be used to record and to make professional recordings. It has an acoustic isolation of up to 40 dB which ensures that you get better sound for your recordings. The dynamic cardioid polar pattern captures more of the audio you want while ducking down other noises in the background.

2. Audio-Technica AT2035 :

Audio-Technica AT2035 is a condenser microphone which has an output of up to 35 millimetres. The cardiod polar pattern reduces the amount of unwanted background noise while recording. The at2035 comes with a stand and can be used with Mac or PCs. This dynamic microphone is not only affordable but offers better sound than many expensive microphones. It has the condenser circuitry that produces studio quality recordings. The cardioid polar pattern allows you to capture audio from all around.

3. Blue Yeti USB Microphone:

Another really great microphone that many people use is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone, which is known for its durability when it comes to connecting with your computer. This microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern that will pick up sounds from the front, back, left, and right.

4. Rode SmartLav+ USB Microphone:

The last microphone for YouTube is the Rode SmartLav+ USB Microphone. This was designed to give you high quality audio and it features a condenser capsule that will provide you with excellent overall sound. It has a cardioid pickup pattern that will pick up sounds from just one sides of the mic (front, left, or right).

5. Neewer NW-700M Microphone:

First up on the list is the Neewer NW-700M USB Condenser Mic. This is a professional quality microphone that offers high-fidelity sound for video recording and being used as a USB microphone or lapel type microphone for recording audio with audio software such as Audacity. This microphone has a large diaphragm that will provide you with excellent audio quality for your YouTube videos.

6. Elgato Wave 3 :

The Elgato Wave 3 is a multi-purpose microphone with a digital USB connection that is used to record and stream on your computer. It will capture sound even when it is moved around and it can be plugged into your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you want to record sound from either the front, back, left or right of the mic (your main sound source) than this microphone will allow you to do that. The omnidirectional polar pattern will allow for better overall audio quality during recording and streaming on YouTube.

7. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone:

Next, we chose the Blue Snowball iCE NC-17 USB Microphone as one of the best microphones for YouTube. This is an omnidirectional microphone and it can be plugged directly into your computer and features a cardioid pickup pattern. This microphone can be used for both YouTube and podcasting purposes, and it has a high sensitivity that produces accurate sound.


Do I need a mic for YouTube videos?

If you are using a laptop/computer to record your videos and you want to have a professional sound quality, then you should invest in a mic. Mics that are specially designed for laptops are usually inexpensive and produce good quality sound. However, if you are using a desktop computer, then it makes sense to buy an external mic that produces superior sound.

How do I choose a microphone for YouTube?

Choosing the best microphone for YouTube is an easy task if you follow a few simple steps:

1. Check out what others are using and try to understand why they chose a specific microphone over other models. You can find a lot of reviews on various products on popular tech websites.

2. Decide whether you want an internal or external mic since both have their pros and cons depending on your needs.

3. Check whether the mic will work with your recording software.

Can I use a headset or earphone with an external microphone jack?

Yes, you can use a headset for chatting or hearing calls while recording videos with the help of an external microphone jack. In fact, GoPro cameras usually provide a microphone jack that allows you to plug in a headset with an earpiece and mouthpiece.

Which MIC is best for video recording?

The best microphone for video recording depends on a few factors such as your budget, the use you want to make, the kind of computer you are using and your home recording set up.If you want to make videos that sound professional like music videos or online lectures, then you should look for a condenser microphone. This type of mic uses an internal component called capacitance that produces superior sound quality.

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