Must-Have Electric Guitar Accessories & Gear

Lots of people love to tune their guitar with a lot of care, so why not buy a guitar tuner? When you buy a guitar tuner, it’s going to help you avoid any broken strings or cracked wood, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Electric guitar accessories are the perfect way to show off your electric guitar playing style and sound. They provide a convenient way for you to keep your guitar in tip-top shape, tune it up when needed, protect your investment from wear and tear, or even perform custom modifications.

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Advantages of Electric Guitar Accessories:

Electric guitar accessories are a valuable addition to any collection, but oftentimes it can be challenging to decide which accessories are valuable and which ones aren’t. To save you some time, effort, and money, we’ve listed a few of the electric guitar accessories most relevant to the most avid players below.

Must-have electric guitar accessories:

Guitar Stand:

Give your instrument a home, whether it’s on stage or at home. You can play your guitar with a stand and experience a whole new sound when you’re playing along with your favorite songs.

Guitar String Tool:

A string tool is needed when it’s time to change your electric guitar strings. It makes changing your strings easier than ever and is especially important if you’re a beginner. The ultimate way to buy an electric guitar accessory, electric guitar string tools help beginners and experienced players alike.

Electric Guitar Tweaker:

A tweaker makes it easy to fine-tune your electric guitar without going through the hassle of using a clip-on tuner. It’s a great item for both skilled and inexperienced players alike. The tweaker will let you hear the tone you’re creating even if your instrument is quiet or playing at low volume levels.

Guitar Cable:

If you want to hear what your electric guitar is capable of, you need a guitar cable. It’s simply an accepted fact that without one, your electric guitar won’t sound the same. A good choice for both beginners and advanced players alike, guitar cables help your electric guitars or bass guitars reach their full potential.

Guitar Case:

Protect your instrument from the outside world with the help of a guitar case! Use this accessory to guard against dust and other elements that could potentially damage or alter your instrument’s appearance or sound quality. Advanced players use them to carry multiple guitars at once while traveling, too. It’s truly an essential piece of any electric guitarist’s equipment collection.

Electric Guitar Strings:

If you’ve been playing for a while, chances are you know that it’s important to regularly change your strings. In addition to regular maintenance, cheap electric guitar strings offer the brightest sound possible from your instrument.

Guitar Capo:

A capo is a handy device that helps electric guitarists adjust the key of their instrument. It’s perfect for use in situations where multiple instruments are being used or when playing with a band. If you regularly play with others or in public places, a capo might be something you want to add to your collection of electric guitar accessories.

Wish-List Items:

While these are all must-have electric guitar accessories, there are other items that are especially useful for beginner guitarists. When you get to be a more advanced player, you may find yourself wanting to buy other equipment.

Guitar Tuner Clip:

This handy accessory attaches to the headstock of your guitar so you can tune easily while playing. When you’re on stage or practicing, having a tuner at the ready is essential for playing precisely.

Electric Clip-on Tuner:

A clip-on tuner is a simple and affordable way to tune your guitar. It clips right on to the headstock and makes tuning your instrument easier than ever.

Electric Guitar Picks:

If you’re like most electric guitarists, you’ll use countless picks while practicing and performing. Electric guitar picks are slightly different than regular guitar picks; they offer a larger surface area and the ability to pick multiple strings at once.

Electric Guitar String Cutter:

An electric guitar string cutter is an indispensable item for any serious electric guitarist. It allows you to quickly cut your strings without damaging your instrument. It’s also compact so you can bring it on the go with you!

Electric Guitar Pitch Pipe:

A pitch pipe is an essential item for any aspiring electric guitar player. It offers the perfect alternative to tuning by ear, which is crucial for beginning players. While they’re not as common as standard guitar tuners for intonation these days, they’re still a good choice if you want to make tuning easy and accurate.


It may seem like a big investment to buy all of these electric guitar accessories, but it’s well worth it for the ultimate player. They allow you to learn how to play well, tune your instrument easily, and bring your electric guitar along wherever you go.

Don’t let your instrument go without some protection from the elements or from being dropped on the ground. Without a cover, your guitar could get damaged or even stolen, so be sure to buy a case as soon as you start playing!