How To Choose The Best Guitar Pick For Beginners

There are many different types of guitar picks out on the market, but not all of them are made for the same types of players. Some guitar picks are meant for strumming, while others may be designed for palm muting or playing with a pick hand down low on the neck.

Aside from picking style, players also need to consider how thick their fingertips are and whether they have ringers or gloves on when they play. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to picking.

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How To Choose The Best Guitar Pick For Beginners


Picks come in various thicknesses. A thin sock-style pick has less surface area, while a thick round or hexagonal pick has more. Thicker picks can make strumming and palm muting more comfortable and smooth.


There are several different shapes of picks such as flat, rounded, mitten style and hexagon-shaped picks that are meant for playing with the nails on the thumb and index finger respectively.


Guitarists also have a choice of different materials from which their picks are made from. Picks can be made from nylon or plastic or another synthetic material. Nylon is a very common material, but plastic is a bit stronger and thus more durable.


One can also choose from a variety of colors. Different colored picks help the guitarist differentiate them from their guitars and strings, which is an important aspect to consider when tuning and tuning with a pick. One may want to stick with a color that matches their guitars or they may want to go for a contrasting color.

Aftermarket vs. Original:

Players can buy aftermarket picks or they can go for the original ones that they put into their guitars. However, the quality of the materials and construction is not exactly the same.

Aftermarket picks are usually cheaper, but may not give you the longevity that you want since they don’t last as long as original picks do. Another advantage of having an original pick in your guitar is that it has a serial number on it and there is a record of who had it before you and when.


There is a wide range of different picks out there, so the price varies accordingly. The most expensive ones are usually custom-made ones that have intricate artwork on them. These tend to be for rare collectible items more than anything else.

But if you don’t want to spend a fortune, there are cheaper picks out there that get the job done. If you are just beginning, it might be best to get a few different types of picks and see which works for you for your playing style.


Before buying any pick make sure you test them out when at the store or music shop or wherever you buy your guitar accessories or products. If you are not sure about the pick, test them out on a piece of paper. This way, you can see for yourself if they are comfortable to use or not.

If it comes to picking style and materials used in picks, there is no one set rule that works for everyone. When choosing the best guitar picks for your playing style, it is best to vary your options so you can find out what works for you.

Picks are also made in different thicknesses which means they are not all good at the same things.  One player might want a pick that is softer, while another may like a harder and sturdier one. It is best to go with what feels comfortable and plays well for you and you should try out as many different styles as you wish.

For instance, if your fingers are quite thick and can handle a thicker pick, then go for one that is thicker than if they are thinner like someone who has smaller fingers.

The best way to learn more about picking styles is to go online and ask guitar players which they prefer. With this method, you get several people’s opinions on different picks, which can help you make a decision.


There are many different aspects to consider before buying one of the best guitar picks for your playing style. While they will all vary in price, size, thickness and shape, it is good to know what is out there before buying something that you think will work, but actually won’t.

Knowing what they are capable of doing and what you need them for is important when picking up a new pick or two. It can also be good to ask other guitar players which they prefer when it comes to picking style and material. This way you get several different opinions on the subject without having to do all the research yourself.


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