How to use External Microphone on Mac?

When you want to record your voice while watching movies, doing presentations or lectures, using external microphone on mac is the best option. External microphone gives you freedom to choose where you can place or position your device.

You can obtain a variety of microphone products in the market. There are a lot of products in the market that can help you to obtain best results with out any problem. You can look for online stores that have a huge stock of microphone product.

Mac is great computer but it may not perform well with some application so you have to be careful about your choice of cable and cable length while using it. In this article, you will know how to connect external microphone using USB on mac machine or laptop running on windows operating system.

In case if your mac machine is not equipped with a port facility then you will find benefit from buying a USB hub in order to connect two or more external mics in one time.

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Why is my external microphone not working on Mac?

Let us start from the beginning. Mac is a very good machine in terms of performance and functionality. It can be used to run any type of application including games, design applications and much more. In addition to its amazing performance, you can also use any other devices in your Mac such as mp3 players, cell phones, printers and much more.

But in order to use these devices without a problem, you have to connect these device through USB ports. It is the only solution that enables you to connect different device in your Mac machine permanently without a hassle. You can even connect a mouse or a keyboard in case if you need them at particular time.

But you have to be careful about your choice of cable and cable length while using it. If you choose the wrong type of cable and cable length, your device won’t perform well and may not be detected by your Mac. If this happens, then you will find benefit from buying a USB hub in order to connect two or more external mics in one time.

Connect external microphone Mac:

Mac is a very good machine but it doesn’t support every device that runs on Windows such as external microphones. In order to connect external microphone on Mac, you need to connect it through USB port. You have to keep in mind that when you connect external iPhone microphone using USB, your mac machine will identify this device and will run it without a problem.

While connecting external microphone on a mac, you have to make sure that your USB port is enabled. You can enable or disable it from system settings. It is the only way through which you can make sure that your device is detected by your Mac machine.

The USB ports on a Mac are categorized into 3 types:

USB A, USB B and USB C ports. Each of them has its own allotted use to each of the user or professional users who use them for many purposes including connecting camera, mouse and keyboard through these particular ports.

But if you want to use external microphone on Mac, then you have to connect it through USB port. If your mac machine doesn’t have the facility of USB Port then you can use microphone on Mac with the help of USB Hub or device.

You just have to choose the right type of cable that is compatible with your Mac machine. It is very important that these cables are perfectly compatible with each other otherwise it will result in poor performance of your device. You can also find many USB product in the market including card reader, pen drives etc.

You can plug in external microphones including wireless mics for iPhone or on Mac without any problem by selecting the right type of cable and length for them.

Mac is also very useful for personal or professional use so you can buy an external microphone online to keep yourself updated with latest features.


Using external microphone on Mac is a very easy process. You can easily connect your microphone with the help of a compatible cable and achieve the expected results from your device. In order to get more information on how to use external microphone on Mac, you can search on search engine using key word “How to use external microphone on Mac?”.

External microphones are very useful for recording anything you want including songs, lectures, movies etc. They are also available in different types and sizes so you can select the most suitable one for you based on your needs without any problem. You can buy it from online or offline stores so you have to be careful about your choice while buying one for yourself.


Q: How to set up an external microphone on your Mac?

A: To find the Control Panel,type those words into the search box on your task bar. … Open the Control Panel and tap on the Hardware and Sound icon. Hardware and Sound Selected from Control Panel Go to the “Sound” option which will open the window. …

Q: How do I Turn Off the microphone on my Mac?

A: Open the Settings app . Tap Privacy. Tap Microphone. You’ll see a list of all apps to which you’ve granted Microphone access. Toggle off any apps you’d like to stop from using the mic.

Q: How to use voice memos on Mac?

A: Go to your iPhone’s Settings >[your name]> iCloud. Switch on the “Voice Memos” button. On your Mac computer,open a browser and go to Log in with the Apple ID you use on this iPhone. Select “Voice Memos”,and then you’ll see the audio files from your device. Download the voice memo from your iPhone to this Mac.

Q: How to make a voice recording on Mac?

A: Open Finder > Applications. Open Voice Memos. Hit the red button to start recording. Speak. Hit the bottom left button for pause,if needed. Click Done in the bottom right corner when you are finished.