Do I Need an Amplifier for My Turntable?

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Can I Connect My Turntable Directly to Speakers?

One of the important components in a stereo system is the turntable. Turntables, along with amplifier, speakers and cables are used to make a stereo sound. One of the most common problems with this type of set-up is when it doesn’t pick up sound from your turntable. This blog will discuss how to avoid this … Read more

Do I Need a Preamp for My Turntable?

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Connect a Turntable to a Receiver Without Phono Input

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Best Phono Preamps for Ortofon 2M Red/Blue/Bronze/Black

The Ortofon 2M Red/Blue/Bronze/Black is a fragile and costly phono cartridge and can be damaged by mishandling, accidental drops, or other accidents. T his phono preamp will help protect your audio pick-up from damage due to using it in a noisy environment. Ortofon 2M phono preamplifiers offer a simple and effective way to upgrade the … Read more