Cheap Ways to Play Vinyl Records On A Budget

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How to Store Vinyl Records

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Can I Connect Headphones Directly to My Turntable?

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Is a Phono Stage the Same as a Preamp?

A phono stage is the input component of an audio preamplifier. A preamp relies on a phono stage to convert the incoming electrical signals to produce sound, which then passes through a power amplifier that produces the sound that can be heard by those listening. Preamplifiers are used in both professional and home audio setups … Read more

How to Make a Turntable Wireless?

A turntable can be a cool addition to any home, especially if you’re big on vinyl. But there are so many things to consider when considering making your own. There are different types of platters, speeds, hardware, and more that can make things quite complicated for the uninitiated. This blog post will take you through … Read more