Turntable vs. Record | Which is the Best?

The turntable is a device for playing sound recordings. It has been around since the late 1800s, and it is still popular today among DJs, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts. The turntable consists of three simple components: the platter where the record is placed to play; a stylus that slides across the record to create vibrations … Read more

How to Get More Bass from Your Turntable

A turntable is a component of a sound system that consists of a device for rotating rigid discs so as to reproduce recorded sound. The phrase “turntable” usually refers to the device itself, and not the physical record (the vinyl disc). Millions of people enjoy music and this includes those who love vinyl records. However, … Read more

How do I Stop My Record from Skipping?

Have you ever had a record skip or scratched? It’s not only tricky and frustrating when it happens, but it can also cause other problems like not playing the right songs. If this has happened to you and your records, we’ve put together a thorough article on how to fix the problem for good! What … Read more

How to Set Up a Stereo to Play Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records are back. If you want to listen to your favorite album on vinyl, there is a lot of equipment involved. To make the record sound as good as possible, you need an amplifier and speakers that will play low frequencies and everything else you can think of. You need a turntable and the … Read more