Marshall Acton II Review

The Action II is a portable, multipurpose smart speaker with the latest in Wi-Fi technology at an affordable price, then the Marshall Acton II Smart Speaker is for you. This is a sleek-looking speaker with the capabilities to deliver 360 degrees of sound. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network to make sure that it can connect with all devices in your living room or wherever you decide to use it. This speaker produces high-quality stereo sound and is compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube.

The Marshall Acton II Smart Speaker has a sleek, modern design that looks great with any decor, and is compatible with both indoor and outdoor speaker systems. It also features a two-year warranty from the manufacturer to protect against manufacturing defects.

Marshall Acton II is a high-tech device with a simple operation. Essentially, it’s an amplified speaker that doubles as a Bluetooth receiver. It can be configured to work in one room or many rooms at once, making it perfect for people who have open floor plans and want to listen to music from their phones.

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Specifications :

Sound Quality:

This speaker is much louder than its predecessors and offers a much clearer sound. The bass is deep and rich without sounding muddy and there is no tinny feeling when high-frequency sounds are present.


The speaker offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. You can also connect two speakers in an M2A network and output the stereo signal to both speakers for a more immersive experience. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices.

Digital assistants:

The Marshall Acton II speaker supports Amazon Alexa voice assistant, IFTTT triggers, and commands to select music services like Spotify Connect using Google Assistant Voice Assistant.

Multi-room playback:

You can wirelessly stream music to two or more speakers. You can also pair multiple speakers and control the volume of each separately.

Dual, single, and stereo output:

The speaker can output music in three different ways: Dual, single, and stereo output – all three methods sound clear and loud.

Voice control:

Marshall Acton II offers voice control through Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT recipes, and Siri’s smart assistant.

Design & Structure :

The Marshall Acton II Multi-Room Speaker is a durable and versatile speaker that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as in other places like bathrooms. This outdoor speaker with the weather-resistant frame, waterproof fabric cover, and high-quality sound deliver the long-lasting performance you can count on. The Marshall Acton II Multi-Room Speaker is a complete home entertainment center all on its own. It includes an aux input for playing music from any device, as well as a USB port for charging your devices too.

Marshall Acton II comes in multiple color options. If you love the look of the black and red combo, then go for it! It also comes in green and blue combinations that will lighten up your day. There is a black and white combination that will give you that vintage vibe, too!

Why To Buy :

We live in a world where everyone needs to listen to music at all times. That’s why people love the idea of having multiple speakers in different locations so they can listen to their favorite songs, while still having some peace and quiet. This review will show you which is the best multi-room speaker on the market, so if you’re looking for one, consider it found!

Marshall Wireless Speaker  is designed for your convenience. The wireless speaker makes it easy to watch movies, listen to music or talk on the phone by streaming content wirelessly via Bluetooth. You’ll never have to worry about cables again! This product is perfect for business meetings, road trips, and more!

Pros :

This speaker is an amazing product and I am so happy to have it! There are many pros that I can list such as:

  • Loud sound that fills the house and reaches parts of the backyard
  • Connects wirelessly to other speakers in other rooms for a great surround sound system
  • Works great with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home
  • Can be wall mounted or on a stand for vertical or horizontal positioning.

Cons :

There are some cons of this product given below :

  • The wireless range of the speaker can be a bit limited at times.
  • The speaker is pretty loud and can cause distortion when turned up too much.
  • There is no Coaxial input, so you can’t hook up your cable/satellite boxes or gaming consoles


Marshall Acton II is a wireless speaker that gives you the power to enjoy your music in any room of your home. It has a built-in multi-room capability with seven different listening options. The design of this speaker is stylish and modern with high-quality sound, making it stand out from the crowd among other speakers on the market today. This multi-room speaker has tons of useful features for both novice and experienced users alike, including two ways to connect wirelessly; Bluetooth 4.

Marshall Acton II Multi-Room Speaker is the newest speaker in the Marshall Acton series, and it’s also the most advanced. This speaker connects to your TV or home network and can play different audio sources in every room, like a surround sound system for your entire house. Whether you’re playing music or watching a movie, this speaker will give you that theater feel right at home

So if you’re looking for a good speaker with great sound at an affordable price with many options in color, consider buying Marshall Acton II.


Q: What is the Marshall Acton II?

A: What is the Marshall Acton II? When Marshall makes a speaker, it doesn’t just produce a sound-sharing machine – it creates a design icon. As such, the Marshall Acton II looks awesome in the company’s classic band amplifier style, which has been shrunk down for this desktop-friendly Bluetooth speaker.

Q: Does the Marshall Acton II voice turn it up or down?

A: “Alexa, turn it up,” reads the box of the Marshall Acton II Voice, but that’s a command you’re unlikely to be uttering with any kind of frequency. This isn’t quite an “Alexa, turn it off” scenario, but little about this speaker’s performance will have you excitedly pumping up the volume.

Q: Is the Acton II voice worth £249?

A: The Acton II Voice isn’t the worst speaker we’ve heard at this price, but £249 ($299) is no small sum, even for Alexa compatibility, and it puts it right in the firing line of Audio Pro.

Q: How do I adjust the EQ on the Acton II?

A: There is also a Marshall Bluetooth app, which allows you to connect to the Acton II speaker for updates and finer audio controls. This can be used to tweak the EQ settings with slider bars, but also with presets.