7 Things to Do While Listening to Music: Make the Most of Your Time

Music can help prepare you for events like this by distracting your mind so that you don’t get too anxious. As long as the song is not too long or it’s something you don’t like, you’ll enjoy using it to distract yourself when needed. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most of your time while listening to music!

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7 Things to do while listening to Music:

1. Listen to music when you’re in the car:

Cars are the perfect places to listen to your favorite songs because they allow you to be in complete comfort. You can close your eyes and enjoy the song without having anyone bothering you, which is especially nice for people who don’t want others to see their music collection.

An added bonus of listening to your favorite song while driving is that it can help improve your attention by helping you focus on other things besides the road.

2. When you’re taking a break, listen to music:

When you’re taking a break from studying or working, you can listen to your favorite song during that time instead of listening to the radio. This is especially nice if you’re studying for an exam and need something to help keep your mind off of one subject during break time.

It also helps if you like music but don’t like the songs on the radio because your favorite song will be playing in its place!

3. Listen to music while doing housework:

This tip is for students who are living away from home while attending school, or students who are living in dorms. If you live in either of these places, it’s hard to find things to do during your down time.

There really isn’t much that can be done between classes so you need something entertaining to keep busy with. The housework that needs to be done, like cleaning or doing laundry, is perfect for listening to music.

4. Listen to music when you’re running errands:

Just like the first tip, this one is for students who are living away from home. Housework can be done at home too but what happens when you need to go somewhere else? For example, if you need to go grocery shopping do you drive there and sit in the car while listening to some tunes , or do you take the time to listen during your trip?

You’ll definitely want that time spent listening as opposed to what you would have been doing otherwise, which is probably going over test questions in your head again.

5. Think of the music you listen to as homework:

If you study for your exams while listening to music, you might be surprised at how much easier it is to concentrate on why you’re studying rather than what you’re listening to.

Instead of having your mind wander off into other thoughts while listening to music, you’ll be able to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing instead. There’s nothing better than getting something done while having fun!

6. Listen to music while working out:

If you have time after school or work, then listen to some tunes while working out . You’ll be surprised at how much happier you are after working out while listening to your favorite songs.

For example, if it’s sunny outside, you can probably find a ball or something similar to play around with while working out . If it’s gloomy outside, you can work out indoors with some music playing in the background. This will also help keep your mind off of what you’re doing because there is always something interesting going on when working out.

7. Listen to music when you don’t have anything else to do:

The last tip is simple but by far one of the best tips on this list! If you don’t have anything else to do, then make sure you listen to some music . If you’re in an area where it’s okay to turn your music up, then do just that.

This will not only give you something fun to do but it will also help keep your mind off of things that might stress you out. Also, it’s better to use music when there isn’t anything else to do rather than wasting time thinking about things that aren’t very fun!


These tips will help you find more things to do while listening to music and help keep your mind off of other things. You can listen to music anywhere and there really aren’t any places you can’t listen to music either! The car is probably the best place for it because it’s where you can close your eyes and just enjoy the song.

Also, if you’re ever in a bind as far as finding something to do, then try out some of these tips as they will surely bring a smile to your face. Remember, think of the music as homework and you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important rather than listening to a song that isn’t all that great.