Best Boom Poles for Filming

If you’re going to make high-quality videos, you need boom poles.

A boom pole is a pole that attaches to the bottom of your camera & is handled by a Boom Operator.

They range in length and can be used for several different things, such as for steady shots or getting footage at a distance. It can be used with a tripod or even on its own.

A boom pole can help you get shots at a distance. It’s best used for outdoor filming, but it’s possible to use in other situations (Source:

Some high-end telescopic poles are even foldable to make them more portable if you need to store them or take them with you while on the go.

We’ve gathered a list of the best boom poles for filming and ranked them based on their price and features.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of pole you want, whether it’s an extension, telescopic, or articulating arm.

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Types of Boom Poles

There are a few different types of poles to choose from, but they all do the same thing: they extend the length of your camera so you can get footage at a greater distance (Source:

Now, there are a few different kinds of poles as well as a few features that make each one unique in its own way.

Extension Poles

If you’re working with a tight budget, an extension pole is a way to go. While there are many models on the market, they all serve the same purpose — to allow you to film at greater distances and from different positions. Extension poles range in length from 4-12 feet, but most users will find a 6-8 foot pole adequate for their needs. The main disadvantage of using an extension pole is that it cannot be used for overhead shots.

Telescopic Poles

Telescopic poles don’t require any assembly, and they are lightweight and easy to transport. These poles range in size from 4-20 feet in length, with many of them ranging between 5-11 feet. The main advantage of telescopic poles is that they do not require any assembly, so you can begin filming quickly after you set them up.

Articulating Arms

Articulating arms are the most expensive boom poles. They offer the camera a wide range of motion and allow for shots that aren’t possible with other types of poles. The trade-off is, of course, the cost. Articulating arms range in length from 4-8 feet, and some models have a pistol grip while others have a trigger grip.

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How to Choose a Boom Pole for Filming Outdoors

When choosing a boom pole, you need to consider more than just the cost.

While it’s true that you get what you pay for, you should also consider other important features such as weight, size, and durability in addition to the price.

When shopping for a new pole, there are several features to consider:


best boom poles

The weight is critical when choosing a boom pole because you will be holding the camera and pole for long periods of time while filming. Make sure you choose a pole that is light enough to hold comfortably without tiring your arms out too quickly. Most poles weigh between 2-5 pounds, but it’s best to choose one that weighs less than 3 pounds.


The size of the pole is also important because you want it to be compact enough so that you can easily transport it and store it. When it comes to size, the best poles are between 4-8 feet. You want to avoid the long pole because it takes up too much space and there are times where you may not have a place for such a long pole.


How durable is the pole? Most poles are made of aluminum, but some models are made of carbon fiber. Make sure to choose a carbon fiber pole if possible because this type of pole is much more durable and resistant to wear and tear than aluminum.

Pole Grip

Some poles have a pistol grip, while others have a trigger grip. The pistol grip is most common and allows you to hold the pole in your hand comfortably with the grip near the bottom of the pole. A trigger grip, on the other hand, allows you to hold it like a gun, so if you want this type of pole, make sure to choose one with a trigger.

5 Best Boom Poles for Filming Reviewed

1. Rode Boompole Pro Carbon Fiber

best boom pole for filming

This product by RODE (a provider of audio equipment) is a boom pole that is extremely flexible. It has a very long reach at 8 feet 8 inches, which can help you obtain shots that other booms may not be able to obtain within the same space.

Although this boom pole has a rather high price point, it has a sound quality that will allow you to record excellent audio for your videos or movies. There is also a quick-release mount, which is useful for when the boom pole needs to be quickly taken down for storage or in case of an emergency.

Some have commented on its lack of padding or protection, which could provide you with an injury if the boom pole was to get hit with a wall. This is not necessarily RODE’s fault, as many people will buy the product without knowing this beforehand.

2. Nicama 11.5 ft Pro

This boom pole by Nicama, has a reach of 11.5 feet, which would be useful to record people and events that you may be unsure of their distance from the camera. The pole is extremely lightweight, which allows you to hold it with your hand for most situations.

The product also comes with a quick-release mount, allowing it to be quickly taken down in case of an emergency. However, this is not necessary if the item is thrown over your shoulder to prevent further damage and an injury. The pole can also be carried with a backpack, which can allow you to focus on capturing the events or persons that you are filming.

Overall this is a good quality pole that will help you get some excellent shots.

3. K-Tek KE79CCR Avalon Series Aluminum 

This product by K-Tek is a very lightweight pole that will allow you to get some excellent shots and recordings. The pole has a maximum reach of 9 feet, which can be useful for shooting people who may be a little further than the reach of other boom poles.

The pole also comes with a quick-release design, meaning that it can be quickly taken down if the item needs to be switched over quickly. The product comes with a foam grip, which adds some extra comfort.

Some people have commented that the pole maybe a little too lightweight, as it could easily be knocked over or even snapped when in use.

4. Neewer NW-7000 

This boom pole by Neewer is a very lightweight boom that comes with a metal locking ring. The ring is useful for stopping the pole from being accidentally detached from its mount. The body of this pole can be extended to be 7.87 feet in length, allowing you to record both wide and close up shots.

However, it does not come with any cushioning or padding, which means that you will need to ensure that the pole does not collide with anything. This is a problem that can be solved by simply ensuring that the pole is completely still when in use.

5. Movo CMP-25 Integrated Mic Cable

This boom pole by Movo is a boom pole with extremely high sound quality, which will ensure that your recordings are clear and crisp. The pole comes with a shock mount, enabling it to prevent vibrations from getting into the audio track of your recordings. The pole has a maximum length of 1.6 meters, meaning that you will have a lot of flexibility when attempting to get a wide shot. The product is also relatively inexpensive, which means that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when purchasing this boom pole.

6. LyxPro Portable Arm 5 Section 

This product by LyxPro is a relatively inexpensive boom pole that is perfect for when you require some flexibility. It has a long reach of 5.5 meters, allowing you to get some excellent wide shots by extending the pole as far as it can reach. The pole comes with padded grips, which mean that it won’t cause any injuries if it was to hit someone or something during filming or recording.

This boom pole is one of the best in terms of sound quality, as it has a 1/4 inch full range driver which is double the size of the standard model. The product also comes with a microphone mount, so that you can use your existing mic and use this boom pole instead. The product has a maximum reach of 9.


How long should a boom pole be?

Ideally, the length of the boom pole should be between 2 and 6 feet in length. Generally, the longer the boom pole, the more stable it is for gear use on set.

The main factors in determining the length of a boom pole are how long you have to extend the pole and where you will be filming.

If it is only important for you to extend the pole over a short distance, then a boom pole with an adjustable length might be more practical.

How do you tighten a boom pole?

A standard boom pole will have a nut on one end which can be tightened to adjust the length. It is also possible to use a lock nut, but this has the additional problem of making it difficult for you to remove the boom from the pole in case you need to do so.

How do you use a Rode Boom Pole?

Rode Boom Poles are easy to use. First, lock the lever on the side of the boom pole so it is firmly locked in place (Source:

Put a bit of pressure on the pole and move it up and down to make sure that the grip is secured in place.

Next, open out the clamp on top of the Rode Boom Pole opposite of where you want to put your microphone.

Slide your microphone through this clamp until it is at its desired position and tighten the clamp down again.