Best Microphone Boom Arm Reviewed

A boom arm is a stand that can be mounted to a microphone stand, allowing the user direct control of the mic’s motion.

It is often used by singers or other performers who need to adjust the position of their microphone according to their vocal performance.

Using a boom arm allows a performer to quickly and easily adjust his/her microphone without having to pick up and reposition it every time.

Boom arms have been used as far back as radio drama, in which a boom operator would use a long pole to carry the sound recording equipment and position the microphone over the voice of an actor.

The most basic explanation of Boom Arms is body parts that are placed behind the microphone to help you move it easily from point to point during your performance or recording session.

A boom arm is best used for streamers that want a microphone that’s easily portable and adjustable.

For a more professional look, a boom arm is best used to attach your microphone near to your face in addition to having your voice projected toward your viewers.

The best microphone boom arms are categorized by what they’re made out of.

Some are made with metal, while others are made with plastic. Depending on your needs as a performer, you should choose the one that’s right for you. Here’s how you can do so:

There are two primary types of microphone booms: boom pole-based, and stand-mounted. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them now:

The boom pole-based boom arm is a long, flexible pipe with a handle on the end. The pipe connects to the base with a connection that allows it to bend. These tend to be more mobile than stand-mounted booms, but require smaller spaces for storage and transportation.


The stand-mounted boom arm is mounted directly on the microphone stand, or mounted off of it (using another microphone stand). These are less mobile than pole-based booms, but have better stability.

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5 Best Microphone Boom Arms


best microphone boom arm

RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm is one of the best microphone boom arm. It allows you to move your RODE NT1-A studio microphone wherever you want it in your home or studio. This boom arm from RODER features a 360 degrees rotating angle and a 180 degrees swivel joint. It’s able to hold up to 2.2 pounds of microphones and it can be adjusted according to the proper height easily, with only one hand.

2. Samson MBA28-28”

Samson’s MBA28-28” Microphone Boom Arm fits Samson’s M-Track & M-Tracks. The MBA28 allows you to mount your microphone wherever you want within a convenient reach. This arm can be adjusted to any height, allowing for quick and easy setup. It is constructed of durable steel and aluminum for added strength and lightweight design. Featuring a 360 degree rotating joint, this boom arm provides maximum flexibility with maximum stability.

3. Knox Gear Pro

Knox Gear Pro features a standard boom arm, and the length can be adjusted to fit any mic up to 15.8 inches. The handle is padded with soft foam, but it’s not adjustable and doesn’t swivel. The height of the boom can only be adjusted on its shortest position. The boom arm is in sturdy built, and is able to support the weight of a heavy microphone.


Mounts a microphone on the rear of your laptop and an external recorder. Mounts the mic at any position, angle or length via cross mounted pole or knob. Supports up to 15mm microphone cable from connector input. Allows 180 degree rotation of mic stand base for easy positioning. Suitable for dynamic model, condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern, which is perfect for live sound recording, voice over recording and podcasting.

5. Blue Compass Premium

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom arm, 60 feet long with mini boom, fits all popular microphone and sound equipment. This is a professional microphone stand with a mounting bracket for cameras, lights, studio monitors, and headsets. The flexible boom is ideal for shows in smaller stages or studios. Made of lightweight aluminum tubing. The wide arm has a max width of 18 inches. Its boom length is stretched to about 60 feet without any rigid extensions.


What boom arm Do streamers use?

Boom arms are the most popular for streamers. They are highly portable, very lightweight, and offer a more traditional style of microphone boom rather than a clip-on.

Are boom arms worth it?

Yes because a microphone boom arm offers superior sound clarity and attachment option so you can have your microphone at your hands and mouth all time.

Where should I put my boom arm microphone?

You can attach your microphone boom arm to any surface that’s sturdy and close enough to you. In addition, make sure that you can easily adjust your angle of speaking.