UE Megablast Review

UE Megablast is a wireless speaker system with premium sound quality. More importantly, its wireless design and innovative BoomTouch™ technology allow users to share the experience around the room, all from a single device.

The UE Megablast is an ultra-powerful Bluetooth speaker that blasts sound without restrictions. The Megablast can be controlled by your voice, has an incredibly long battery life, and produces crystal clear sound.

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The Megablast is a combination of the form factor of earphones with the sound quality of the over-ear model, fitted with noise-canceling circuitry inside.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Voice...
1,638 Reviews
Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Voice...
  • Ultimate Sound: Our most powerful speaker with 360° intensely rich sound, stunning clarity, and heart-pounding bass. With up to 12 hours of battery,...
  • With Amazon Alexa hands-free voice control: Just ask Alexa to blast tunes from Spotify (as of May 2018), Amazon Music, iHeart Radio or TuneIn, change...
  • Waterproof and virtually indestructible: Never worry about going easy on it, your music will always be on point. The speaker is IP67 rated and can be...
  • Smarter over time: Update your speaker with the Ultimate Ears app as new features become available. Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5...
  • Compatibility - Requires a Wi-Fi router with 802.11 a,b,g, or n for first time setup. Audio Playback supported for Bluetooth devices with advanced...

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Design & Structure

The megablast is a compact, round design that has a speaker that goes around the middle. The sound quality and volume are amazing for such a small speaker, and it can go very loud without any distortion. The sound quality in particular is impressive due to the DSP (digital signal processing) built into the device.

UE Megablast is an audio amplifier with 1000 watts of power. The Razer Megablast has a design that makes it perfect for gamers and movie fans. It features two separate high-definition (HD) amplifiers, one for the bass and one for the treble, with the option to switch between them with a single button press.

The Megablast has a very impressive sound quality for its size. It can easily fill an entire room with 360 degrees of sound without any distortion at high volumes, though it does have a bass-heavy sound signature. Additionally, the speaker includes high-resolution audio support that will provide much better audio quality when using TIDAL or Qobuz lossless services.

The UE Megablast has a modern, minimalistic design with clean lines. The device is black with red text and icons.

The UE Megablast (UEBLAST) is a new portable Bluetooth speaker with 360-degree sound that boasts some of the loudest, clearest sounds available on the market. Boasting a high sensitivity rating of 98dB, these speakers are small enough to fit in your hand but can produce an astounding 112dB. What this means for you is crystal clear sounds at any volume you want.


  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • The UE Megablast pairs with your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device, enabling you to take calls during the party in addition to blasting your music louder than any other wireless speaker on the market.
  • Battery Life: 24 hours of nonstop use when streaming at half volume, 30 hours when streaming at full volume.
  • Designed for high-impact sound waves (120dB).
  • Reflective material surrounds one, two, three, or four drivers.
  • Optimized driver design with special circuitry for higher power handling and lower distortion at the same time that enhances bass response and frequency range.
  • Nixie tube display.
  • 34mm case.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connections available: Phone, speakers and PC.
  • The world’s smallest Bluetooth speaker with a Nixie tube front display. All of the sound from the speaker is produced from a single dynamic 9mm driver. The Prismatic V2 has an audio frequency response of 78Hz – 21kHz, at 2W per channel. This makes it ideal for use in both music and audio production. The device includes a 3.


Ultra-Quiet design for Ultimate Gaming. Quieter than the average case with no noise at idle.
Reverse side window to keep your rig looking clean and tidy while showing off your device’s rear case. Innovative, unique, and environmentally friendly

UE Megablast is a fan favorite from NZXT. These cases are made with a premium interior design for ultimate style, performance, and durability.

The UE Megablast is a portable speaker with 360 degrees sound. It’s waterproof, has an IPX7 rating, and is designed to go virtually anywhere. You can use it wirelessly or take advantage of the built-in auxiliary input.

  • Outdoor sound-powered speakers.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for your smartphone.
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life.
  • The UE Megablast is a major upgrade on the old UE Boom. With its immersive sound and built-in Bluetooth, this new toy is sure to score high on any Christmas list. This speaker has a rugged design that can survive anything you throw at it – including being run over by an eighteen-wheeler. Additionally, the new speakers are water-resistant, meaning you can take them into pools or showers with ease without worry.


  • Sound quality: has a sound profile that “delivers the deep, crisp bass and spacious sound of a much larger device.
  • Thousands of hours of gameplay.
  • Physics engine with realistic collisions and destructions.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Multiplayer mode available.


  • Consumers are able to play their favorite collections of music wirelessly throughout the home.
  • UE Megablast pairs with devices like Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant for voice control  of your home entertainment system.
  • This includes music playing on Bluetooth enabled speakers, stereo systems, games consoles and TVs. With five speakers that broadcast 360 degrees around the room in crystal clear sound you can enjoy life like sound with no angle left untouched.


UE Megablast is one of the best-selling sound systems in the world and is considered one of the best US-based DJ controllers. It has a complete feature set with tons of devices that are considered to be on par with other expensive brands. The ease and simplicity UE is able to provide even on a budget are what make it such a popular product.

The UE Megablast is one of the Ultimate Ears’ newest additions to their lineup, released in 2017. With the release of the Megaboom earlier in 2016, Ultimate Ears followed it up with another speaker in 2017. The UE Megablast was designed to be a successor to the original UE Boom that was released in 2013, which had since been discontinued for this model.

UE Megablast is an upgrade over the original UE Boom speaker, with better sound quality and 360-degree sound.


Q: Is the UE Megablast worth it?

A: The Good The UE MegaBlast is a portable, fully waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker that has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in. It sounds very good for its compact size, is durable and offers strong battery life.

Q: Are Ultimate Ears Megablast speakers any good?

A: Ultimate Ears is a brand known for its excellent and sturdy Bluetooth speakers and with its new Megablast it’s thrown Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant into the mix. With the Megablast you get the 360 degree sound, portability and durability of the excellent UE Boom speaker with the smarts of an Echo.

Q: How does the UE Megablast work with Alexa?

A: Alexa is a cloud-connected service, so the Megablast adds Wi-Fi to its connectivity to connect to a home network, giving Alexa access to all the skills it needs. No connection, no skills. The setup of the speaker starts with the UE app, but then shifts over to the Alexa app to complete the process, letting you sign in with your Amazon credentials.

Q: What are the dimensions of the UE Megablast?

A: It measures 9.4 by 3.6 inches (HW), with a cloth grille interrupted by a wide rubber strip featuring the large plus and minus buttons that are now signatures of UE’s speaker design. The top of the Megablast features a large power button in the center with an LED indicator, and a smaller Bluetooth pairing button with a smaller LED.