Best Supercardioid Microphones for Streaming, Vlogging & Podcasts

A Supercardioid Microphone is a type of omnidirectional microphone which means that it picks up sound equally from all directions at a 90-degree angle.

Supercardioids have some distinct advantages over other types of microphones.

They pick up sound well and at the same time reduce background noise, making them ideal for tutorials, podcasting, vlogging, and streaming.

Recent years have seen the rise of the super-cardioid microphone thanks to its ability to eliminate background noise and its warm sound quality.

The ease of use and clean sound it produces make it a standout choice for many podcasters.

Though they are generally small in size, super cardioids have the tremendous ability to pick up sound from all angles, but at a 90-degree angle.

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How to Choose a Supercardioid Microphone


Supercardioid Microphones have moderate sensitivity and very high directivity. They are not sensitive to wind noises and they reject the sounds coming from almost all directions except from the front. So, the background noise will not interfere with your voice. However, these microphones require a little effort to be placed correctly as they need perfect positioning for them to pick up sound effectively.

Ease of Use

These microphones are the best choice for individual reporters; they have less sensitivity due to their wide coverage area. Therefore, the background noise is not obvious. However, to ensure that your voice will be captured effectively, you need to place it in the center of the microphone position and also make sure that you adjust it well.


A very simple and basic once-wired microphone can be easily connected to a computer or an amplifier. However, a professional one has to have phantom power to work properly.


They are relatively inexpensive and they are available in different quality levels from low-cost ones to more expensive ones. However, they cost more so you must check with your needs before purchasing them.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is affected by the type of recording device you are using. For example, if you are using a professional digital recorder to record your voice and then transfer it to a computer, the sound will be in excellent condition. However, if you are using an analog recorder, you need to consider the quality of that as well as the amount of space available for recording your voice before purchasing one.


A supercardioid microphone is more efficient than a cardioid one. This is because it can capture sound coming from the front with less sensitivity to the noise coming from the side. However, they are not sensitive enough for picking up sounds coming from far away, as well as high frequencies.

They are commonly used by reporters for live broadcasts; they are also used in courtrooms, television shows and even newsrooms to pick up loud noises but not the sound of other persons talking during interviews or reports.

5 Best SuperCardioid Microphones

1 – Sennheiser Pro Audio MKH416-P48U3

The Sennheiser Pro Audio MKH416-P48U3 is a high quality headset that offers superior sound quality as well as durability. The headset provides HD microphone and amp technology with the ability to attenuate low frequencies while maintaining crisp highs and mids. It also comes with a 3-meter cable, large ear cups, flexible boom arm, and a 1/4″ adapter. Furthermore, the headphone has amazing bass response without being muddy or distorted sounding. The microphone of this product is compatible with many devices such as iPads, tablets, laptop computers, iPhone smartphones…

2 – Shure BETA 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Rode NTG3B Super-Cardioid is a great microphone that provides excellent audio quality. It features a low frequency response that maintains excellent clarity while preventing distortion and feedback. The mic has a high output level as well as an on/off switch for when you are not using it. This product works with both video and DSLR cameras, wireless transmitters, iOS devices, and other digital recorders.

3 – Rode NTG4 Supercardioid

The NTG4 is the latest upgrade to Rode’s line of studio-grade shotgun microphones and this new mic combines the clarity of a short barrel length with the ruggedness required for outdoor use. The NTG4 is a versatile microphone that can be used in any professional application where clear, robust audio capture is needed and it stands head and shoulders above traditional “shotgun” microphones thanks to its extended frequency response.

4 – Audio-Technica AT875R Line/Gradient

This is a preamplifier for the microphone input on the Audio-Technica AT875R. It has an RF and acoustic noise limiter, a 3-step pad switch, and 2 phantom power switches to allow for 48V operation of either one or two microphones. In addition, it has a mute button to prevent audio clipping and limit the transfer of noise. However, there is no XLR input jack at the end of the microphone cable and this can be an issue when you want to use a long cable.

5 – Electro-Voice ND96 Dynamic Supercardioid

The Electro-Voice ND96 Dynamic Supercardioid mic is a high grade microphone that produces crisp and clear vocals. The mic has an output for switches, cables, or battery boxes to power the mic. It also features a pad switch to adjust sensitivity of the microphone along with an input jack so you can plug in other devices into it. In addition, the ND96 Dynamic Supercardioid mic has a side-address supercardioid pickup pattern which makes it easy to use.

6 – AKG Pro Audio Perception P5

The AKG Perception P5 is a great-sounding headphone that offers plenty of bass without being muddy or distorted-sounding. The sound quality of the product is exceptional and it features an adjustable headband, a lightweight design, and a closed-back for increased sound isolation. Furthermore, the headphones are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they come with two cables: one coiled cable that provides flexibility and one straight cable with a smartphone control button.


What are supercardioid microphones used for?

Generally, supercardioid microphones are used for speech reinforcement and voice pick-up in adverse acoustic environments. In addition, supercardioid microphones are often used in television, theatre sound reinforcement and large-scale public address.

Which microphones are considered to have the best quality?

The best quality microphones are generally open-backed or semi-open back. This type of microphone provides a greater range of natural sound waves and ensures that the sound picked up is accurate.

Which type of microphone is most durable?

A condenser microphone is the most durable type of microphone as it is considered to be resistant against water and dust. Also condenser mics are sometimes used with a pop screen to minimize plosive sounds.

What is a hyper cardioid microphone?

A hyper cardioid microphone is a type of directional microphone. It has a narrow pickup range with the intention of focusing on the sound in front of the mic. A hyper-cardioid picks up sound from one side and rejects sound coming from behind it. Hyper-cardioids are most often used for recording instruments and vocals in live performances, professional broadcasting, sports announcers and theater productions.