Can You Play An Electric Guitar Without An Amp?

If you’re one of the millions of guitarists who want to play and sound like a pro, and you’re looking for a way to improve your skill without using an amp, then look no further — we’ve compiled this list of beginner guitar lessons that can help.

Some popular genres that don’t require amps include rock music, country music, blues, folk music and metal.

Beginners don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive amp. You can find quite affordable guitars that provide enough volume for jamming with friends.

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Benefits of playing Electric Guitar without an Amp:

There are a lot of benefits of playing electric guitar without an amp.


Noise from an amplifier is a factor for getting frustrated while jamming with other musicians. Amplifiers produce noise that may be annoying to the musician. Considering the fact that more and more people are using portable amps, such noise may affect your performance negatively and you’re likely to get annoyed easily.


An electric guitar is not just an instrument that plays various notes rather it also offers a significant volume control that can be used to play softer or louder. Playing at a louder volume is more popular as it helps in capturing large audiences.


Guitars are very portable and can be carried anywhere. For electric guitars, you need an amplifier that produces sound but this results in additional weight. Therefore, portability is drastically reduced with the addition of an amplifier. With electric guitar without amp, you can easily carry your instrument.

Sound Quality:

If you’re investing money in an amplifier, then the price you pay for it should be worthwhile and should serve the purpose from which you bought it. There are many people who start playing electric guitar and later on they realize that they don’t need to buy an amp.

The sound quality is quite good without an amp which gives a lot of output and volume. You can easily jam with your friends without worrying about the noise produced by the amplifier.


Electric guitar without an amp requires very limited controls. If you’re playing live, then you’ll have to adjust the volume of the instrument from the guitar instead of having a separate volume control for your amplifier.

Besides that, with an amplifier, you’ll have a tone control that is not possible with electric guitar without amp. This is one of the few disadvantages of playing an intermediate level electric guitar without an amp – lack of a tone control.

Amplifier Alternatives for Electric Guitar:

In this article, we will go over the various alternatives of alternative amplifier for electric guitar. It is better to avoid using amplifiers in case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying an amp.

You can also consider using a decent beginner electric guitar volume pedal if you’ll want to control the volume from your footswitch.

Practice in a Reasonable Volume:

The amp is designed to produce sound that covers a wide range of frequencies. Playing guitar without an amplifier requires you to practice in a reasonable volume that’s not too loud or soft. When you don’t have an amp to play with, the volume of your guitar is all you have.

So make sure that when you are playing with your friends or when jamming with others, you ensure the volume isn’t too high or low.

Volume pedal:

The volume pedal is one of the simplest alternatives to the amp. It can be used to improve your control over the volume. Volume comes in handy when you want to play softer or louder. There are two types of volume pedals – active and passive.

Active pedals are powered by AA batteries whereas passive pedals are unpowered meaning you need an external power source for it to work. Since it doesn’t require an external power source, most guitarists prefer passive volume pedals.

Amplification through Speakers:

Apart from practicing your guitar skills, you can also use your speakers as an amplifier and practice playing without an amp at home.

You can use your computer speakers or any other speakers with a higher power. A good output of these speakers is recommended to boot as they give higher volumes.

Set Up:

Set up is very essential when practicing without an amplifier. Set up enables you to place the amplifier or speaker that you intend to use in front of your amp or in front of your guitar and keep it straight and level. This way, you can get a better performance and achieve a louder sound than usual with ease and comfort.


Playing electric guitar without an amp may not be what you’re looking for, but if you like to play with an amplifier, it’s very important to know each option and their advantages and disadvantages. You can make a decision on whether or not to practice without an amp.

You can make a final decision depending on your preference. If you find other alternatives better than electric guitar without an amp, then you should go for them.


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Q: Can you play an electric guitar trough an acoustic amp?

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