Can Headphones Really Dent Your Head?

It’s scary how many people believe that headphones can really dent your head. Just imagine what it would be like if you only wore them every day! Headphones are meant to protect your ears, not harm them. If anything, they probably can’t even damage your hearing at all because the sound will always be blocked by the earbuds. Even if you did get a headphone or earphone that did manage to nick or crack your skull, it wouldn’t do any lasting harm.

There are plenty of things in this world that you should just stop worrying about and go ahead and enjoy with reckless abandon.

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How Can Headphones Dent Your Head:

Headphones are usually made out of plastic, with foam padding to make them more comfortable. They are all designed to protect your ears from loud noises in order to keep your hearing in good shape.

For example, when you buy headphones you will find that most of them have a maximum volume setting on them. It is usually hard to hear the music at these levels, which means that everything is still within safe listening levels. Headphones will rarely play at that capacity so if you do get anything louder than normal it isn’t going to damage your ears permanently.

The only thing that headphones are made to protect is your ears. Once you have damaged your ear drum with another object, it won’t be healed just by wearing headphones. It’s actually best to get them removed completely in order to keep the ear drum safe.

Okay, so even if you have a really heavy set of headphones that are not meant for daily wear it’s very unlikely that they will hurt you while worn. But why would anyone wear them?

It’s because they feel good while they are being worn and it feels good when the music is being played through them. That is why people wear them even when their ears aren’t being affected by loud noises like cannons or gunfire.

Headphones on the other hand are usually made out of metal or plastic parts that open up. These are used to ensure that your hearing is properly protected, even with the volume turned up to maximum.

This way you can hear the music without worrying about damaging your ears. While most headphones are meant to protect your ears, they are also supposed to keep them warm and comfortable.

This adds more comfort when they are being used because you want them snugly placed on your ears. You wouldn’t want any cold air getting in at all while you are listening to music!

It’s important for you to be able to hear what is happening around you while wearing headphones.

What to do if you feel Dent on Your Head:

If you do manage to get a dent on your head just by wearing headphones all day then that is just unfortunate. Try not to worry about it as much as possible. This is because the dents on your head will eventually heal up and fade away with time.

You can also use mouldable ear plugs to make sure that nothing too bad happens to your ears. The best ear plugs are those made from PVC, which can be moulded from plastic into a shape that covers the entire ear canal of the wearer.

These are able to block even loud noises that you wouldn’t be able to hear normally because of them being inserted inside your ears.

What to do if Headphone is too tight:

If your earphones are too tight on your head then the first thing you should do is to take them off. Even if they are comfortable, they can cause problems for you in the long run. If the problem persists, then you might want to think about getting a different pair of headphones or earphones.

You should try to figure out the problem and go from there so it won’t happen again. If there is a crack or dent on your head and they are still wrapped around your head then they obviously aren’t going to help by trying to avoid further damage.


In conclusion, if you have been worried about how headphones can dent your head then you shouldn’t be. The truth is that they actually don’t do that at all. In fact, listening to music through headphones while lawn mowing can be a very fun experience.

They are able to block out most noises around you so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by them while listening to your music.

Listening with headphones will give a more surround sound feel and will give you a greater chance of getting away from the dangers of everything around you, if only for a little while. Don’t forget the safety precautions though (like not wearing them too tight or too loose around your head).

By following the precautions that are provided in the packaging of the headphones, they should serve you well for years to come.

So make sure you don’t worry about how headphones can hurt your head.


Q: Why is there a dent in my head after removing my headphones?

A: So, if you’ve ever wondered why there is a dent in your head after removing your headphones, rest assured that it’s not a permanent damage to your skull. Rather, it’s possibly either headphone hair or a dent on your scalp from wearing headphones for too long.

Q: Can headphones indent your head?

A: MizKif’s headphone dent (From: Twitch/Mizkif) Worried that your headphones can indent your skull or change the shape of your head? The good news is, they can’t. Your headphones can cause a temporary indentation on your hair and even your head, but they won’t damage your skull for good.

Q: Can headphones cause permanent damage to your head?

A: Find out if constant headphone use can cause permanent damage to your skull, and what to do to avoid headphone dents. After wearing tight headphones every day, you may have noticed that a dent remains on your hair where your headphones’ band used to sit. This may be normal for you, and at most a minor aesthetic concern.

Q: Can wearing a gaming headset cause a dent in your head?

A: However, after wearing it for a long gaming period you may observe something like a curve on your head, basically, it’s not a dent but the upper skin or most often hair bent inward provoking a feel like a Dent. It often leads to a slight pain in your head, not because of the skull but it’s mostly linked to hairs.