Do Cable Signal Amplifiers work for Internet?

In an era where cord cutting is becoming more and more prevalent, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that all one needs for a strong signal on their internet connection is a cable modem. Unfortunately, this line of thinking often leads to problems such as buffering and intermittent connection. While these … Read more

How do Audio Amplifiers Work

An amplifier is a device that accepts a weak electric current from a microphone or guitar pickup, then amplifies or strengthens it. An audio amplifier is an electronic circuit that receives an electrical signal and converts it into an amplified signal suitable for driving speakers. Learn how they work and more in this post! Audio … Read more

How to Connect 2 Amplifiers to one Set of Speakers

The first question to ask yourself is “do I wish to power the speakers with my amplifiers, or will I need separate amps for each set of speakers?” You may not need separate amps for each set of speakers because they may be inherently different, such as a subwoofer and two front arrays. If you … Read more

How do Antenna Amplifiers Work

An antenna amplifier increases the signal strength of an incoming radio transmission by converting it to electromagnetic waves. The complicated reception process of radio signals is difficult to understand. The conversion process is complicated enough that these devices are only needed by professionals with specialized equipment. As with most equipment, however, antenna amplifiers can be … Read more

How Long do Amplifiers Last?

We all know that amps aren’t cheap and they need to be replaced when they die on themself. Some people can get lazy and just put off buying new ones after it dies, while others just buy a new one the next day or even on the same day. While some of these people may … Read more