Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $500

There are four main types of amplifiers: transistors, tube amps, modeling amps, and digital modeling amps. Each has pluses and minuses that make them especially useful for particular settings. Knowing the difference between each type is the key to finding out which guitar amplifier is right for you. Guitar amplifiers come in many shapes and … Read more

Best 1 Watt Tube Amps Reviewed

Tube Amps are an important part of the amplifier. They are necessary for making an attractive sound that is low in volume. We found thirty-seven different 1 watt tube amps that are good for producing great sound with low wattage. Every one of these amazing tubes is affordable and can offer you a lifetime service … Read more

Best Low Watt Boutique Tube Amps

A tube amp is a type of guitar amplifier that uses vacuum tubes to amplify electric guitars. The first amps used in the 1920s (vacuum tubes were invented in 1907) had no protection from damage due to leaks or power surges, were heavy and depended on large speakers that consume lots of power. Decades later … Read more

Best Modeling Amps On The Market

The modeling amps on our list offer a range of features and options, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for an amp for beginners or professionals, we’ve got you covered. A modeling amp is a type of amplifier that uses software to emulate the sound and … Read more

How to Add Bluetooth to an A/V or Stereo Receiver

Bluetooth A/V audio receivers are becoming more and more popular these days with the convenience of wireless connection. Bluetooth receivers are typically cheaper than their wired counterparts. However, some functions, such as HDMI inputs, can be lost when you use a Bluetooth A/V receiver. You can, however, add Bluetooth to your existing A/V receiver by … Read more