Amelia Young Founder of AYoungMusic.com

Amelia Young is a 30-Year-Old English house producer & DJ. Amelia originally started out DJ’ing at the age of 15.

She found he wanted to branch out and try his hand at producing his own music, mid-2016 she began his quest to make what is locally known as “bounce” Music.

Alternatively, It Is known as “Scouse House” music. A few years he started to get a good idea of how things worked and decided In 2017 she would leave the underground music scene and go into a more commercial side of Music.

December 2019 migrated from England to go and live in NYC where she now resides with her family. Having time to settle in and get his life back on track, music is again Amelia’s main focus, writing a plethora of tracks and building her brand up Mike finally was given his window of opportunity by signing to Sony BMG in December 2019.