An Ultimate Guide on Different Types Of Ukuleles

The ukulele is a 4-stringed musical instrument that’s traditionally associated with the Hawaiian who invented it in 1879. Today, it has grown in popularity and can be seen in music around the world.

The Ukulele is a string instrument that originated from Hawaii. It’s a smaller, less complex instrument than the guitar and was originally used by farmers and laborers in the sugar cane fields who wanted a cheap but cheerful instrument to play for their own amusement.

It is situated somewhere between guitar and violin, meaning that it has a slightly mellower sound than the former but is not as deep as the latter. It features four strings tuned GCEA, or high to low GCEA, which gives them a shortened scale length when compared to other string instruments of their kind.

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Brief Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of ukulele can be a difficult endeavor. To make sure you make the best purchase decision, it helps to understand what type of ukulele you’re looking for and why.

1. Banjo

A banjo is not a guitar, and it’s made with different materials than other instruments. It uses metal strings, and the thumb covers the low strings.

2. Ukulele

A ukulele is a small four-string instrument that looks similar to a guitar. The two most common types are electric or acoustic. There are also five-string ukuleles available.

3. Dobro

A Dobro is often confused with a banjo, but its purpose was to copy the sound of an acoustic 12-string guitar. It has a resonator to make the sound louder.

4. Hawaiian

This type of ukulele was developed in Hawaii in the 1880s. It’s typically larger than other ukuleles, and it has four strings instead of four. The tuning is also different.

5. Melody-Soprano

A melody soprano ukulele is one of the smallest types available, making it great for kids’ hands or anyone just starting out with this instrument.

5 Different Types Of Ukulele Explored & Explained

1. Soprano Ukuleles

The Soprano Ukulele is an acoustic musical instrument with a soprano-range tone similar to that of a violin or viola. The ukulele was developed from the Portuguese machete and African plated gourd instruments in 1879 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1887 Martin’s ukuleles started mass producing the instrument.


  • Soprano ukuleles are the perfect starter instrument for children and adults who want to learn how to play.
  • They are easy to tune and maintain.


  • Since Soprano ukuleles are smaller, they’re not as loud or as deep sounding as a concert or tenor ukulele, making them difficult to play for larger crowds.
  • Since Soprano Ukuleles are smaller and lighter than other ukuleles, they’re less durable and easier to break.

2. Concert Ukuleles

There is something magical about the ukulele. It’s a modern instrument that can be played as a traditional stringed musical instrument or as an alternative to the guitar.


  • The concert ukulele comes in a more curved shape that allows the playing surface to be closer to your body.
  • It’s easy to handle because of its size, so you can play it anywhere without being self-conscious.


  • Concert ukuleles are constructed out of nylon so they aren’t quite as durable as most acoustic guitars.
  • They don’t have the depth of sound that an acoustic guitar does, but they do have a nice bright sound.

3. Baritone Ukuleles

A baritone ukulele is an instrument made for people to play. It was designed by Hawaiian guitar makers to be easier for people who are shorter than the average person to hold and play. It has a large soundhole, small scale, and tuned G-C-E-A like a banjo.


  • A baritone ukulele is a larger and deeper ukulele than what you would typically play.
  • The sound is often described as like that of a classical guitar with the lower notes of a cello and the higher notes of a mandolin. This deep, warm tone makes baritone ukuleles more versatile than smaller, shallower models.


  • It is not as popular as the soprano
  • It is more difficult to learn with limited information
  • The sound tends to be less pleasing than that of the soprano ukulele, which makes it harder to play for beginners

4. Tenor Ukuleles

With a ukulele in your hands, you can’t help but feel like life is sweet. Whether it’s a humid summer day, the happiest of holidays, or even something as simple as your favorite TV show, music can make any situation that much more enjoyable.


  • Warm sound
  • Smooth playing
  • Intuitive fretboard with plenty of notes to practice your skills
  • Beautiful wood grain designs


  • Requires tuning
  • Can sound flat if not tuned properly
  • Tuning can change over time

5. Electric Ukuleles

For the uninitiated, electric ukuleles are a type of guitar that you can play with a pick on the neck of the instrument. They have been around for over half a century and have been used in diverse music genres from country to folk to metal.


  • Electric Ukeles are usually cheaper to buy
  • Temperature can be easily controlled by the player
  • Players of Electric Ukes are able to change tempos effortlessly with a simple twist of the wrist, which is critical for live performance.


  • Electric Ukuleles are expensive
  • You have to have a “big sound”


There are many types of ukuleles, but all of them share the same goal – to create music. The type of instrument that you decide to play will depend on your musical preferences and teaching style. If you want an instrument that is easy for beginners to learn, playing a tenor ukulele is one option. If you want something more difficult for experienced players who want to take their game up a level, then perhaps an electric uke would be best.


Q: What is the most popular type of ukulele?

A: Types of Ukuleles 1. Soprano Ukulele. The soprano ukulele is the most budget-friendly and commonly used type of ukulele, making it the most popular one. If you are to picture out an image of a ukulele in your mind, then it’s probably a soprano ukulele. A Soprano Ukulele.

Q: What is a good beginner ukulele?

A: Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Kit for Beginner. Kala manufactures some of the best high-quality Ukuleles you can get your hands on. … Donner Concert Ukulele DUC-1. After that,our list is the DUC-1 Concert Ukulele. … Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele. … Hricane Ukulele Soprano for Beginners. … Aklot 23-inch Concert Ukulele Beginner Pack. …

Q: What type of ukulele are you most like?

A: The soprano ukulele is the most commonly used type and is a great selection for beginners. Its thin sound is the one that people generally relate with a ukulele. Since it has a short profile, it is the perfect ukulele to get if you travel a lot, since that makes it easy to carry.

Q: What are some good ukulele brands?

A: Leolani. For all those beginners thirsty for some musical experience,a perfectly good option is Leolani—known as the “voice of heaven.” Islander. Islander ukuleles are a sister brand of Kanilea,under the same ownership of Joe and Kristen Souza. … Lanikai. Lanikai,truly considered one of the best ukulele brands,comes right from Oahu,Hawaii. … Fender. …