How To Choose A Ukulele – Complete Guide

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What is a Ukulele?

A Ukulele is a musical instrument in the lehenga of Hawaii. It was invented by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century and its origins date back to 1852 when an American missionary brought it from Hawaii.

The ukulele’s popularity spread quickly because the instrument was lightweight, less expensive than other instruments, and easier to play. The ukulele is also popular because it can be played using either your fingers or with one’s thumbs while sitting down or standing up.

The ukulele has a button-hole for attaching a strap which makes it more comfortable to carry while traveling. It is also popular because it’s easy to learn and play.

Ukulele Origins:

The ukulele is Hawaiian for “little bass”. The name “ukulele” was created by the Hawaiian language word “ukule”, which means “gourd”. The ukulele itself looks just like a small gourd of the same shape which it’s named after, making it an easy name to remember. The gourd is also known as a “banana” in some countries, but this isn’t true of all cultures.

The ukulele is considered an important part of Hawaiian culture. It is found in Hawaiian music, which was created by the local population. The popularity of the ukulele increases year by year and many people wish to learn to play it because it is one of the most popular instruments in Hawaii.

There are several famous musicians like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (grandson of King David Kalakaua), who played the ukulele for over 30 years before leaving Hawaii due to his lack of opportunities there.

It’s also used as a solo instrument but can also be used as an accompanyment for singing harmony with other musicians or playing melodies on different instruments.

History of the Ukulele:

The ukulele has been described as an ancient instrument even though it was actually invented by Portuguese immigrants. Its origins date back to the French Revolution in the early 19th century.

Upon their arrival in New Orleans, they brought with them ukuleles which were used to celebrate their holidays and special occasions. From this, the ukulele spread quickly through New Orleans and California during the 19th century.

During that time, musicians arrived in Hawaii for business or courtesy reasons and brought with them their own ukuleles which became popular among Hawaiian musicians. In 1879.

King David Kalakaua attended the Paris Exposition where he saw the ukulele and introduced it into Hawaii in 1880, where it became widely used in both the Hawaiian music industry and the music industry in general.

How to Choose A Ukulele:

There are several types of ukuleles, such as the Banjo ukulele, the Baritone ukulele and the Tenor ukulele. All these different models come in different sizes and designs, but each one has its own unique sound and characteristics that can be used to suit whatever artist you want to impress or satisfy your needs and tastes.

1. Ukulele Size:

The size of your ukulele will determine how much sound it will produce. Many people are under the wrong impression that the bigger the ukulele, the more sound you get. However, this is not entirely correct.

The size of your ukulele will determine how much sound it produces but it won’t affect the quality of tone it produces. A tenor ukulele makes a fuller and louder sound than a soprano ukulele for instance, but there’s nothing to stop you from getting a soprano or concert ukuleles if you want to produce lots of music with little effort.

2. Appearance:

It’s important to know the look and appearance of your ukulele so you can choose one that you will like and will suit your playing style and sound. The shapes and features of different ukuleles vary greatly because there are several factors that help determine what kind of ukulele you want to get.

For instance, concert ukuleles have a thicker neck than soprano or tenor ukuleles whilst soprano or tenor designs are usually more compact in size. Also, Concert Ukuleles are heavier than other models which make them sound better when using stamps on them.

3. Sound Quality:

The sound quality of ukuleles is largely determined by the material used to make the instrument. The top material determines how loud and clear your ukulele’s sound will be, whilst the wood determines how well it will play. In addition, shape and tuning can affect its sound as well as whether it has a headstock or not.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Ukulele:​

1. String Gauge:

The strings on a ukulele are the four strings found on a guitar or violin and they determine what music you can play without changing notes.

2. Top:

The top of your ukulele is the part with the sound-board and where the strings are attached. It also determines how loud and clear your ukulele’s sound will be.

3. Neck:

The neck of a ukulele is usually longer than it is wide and it determines how far you can bend and stretch your fingers.

4. Bridge:

This is the part on the underside of the headstock where you place your finger to start playing or change notes. Some ukuleles may have a tremolo bridge which helps you produce several different sounds by changing strings.


The ukulele is an instrument with a rich history and has become one of the most important instruments in Hawaii’s music industry. People love to listen to it or play it because of its flexibility and variety of sounds.

Buying an ukulele isn’t about judging which one will sound better, but more about listening to your preference for instruments, trying them out at the music shop, hearing them played on different songs and eventually deciding which one suits you best.


Q: What is a good beginner ukulele?

A: Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Kit for Beginner. Kala manufactures some of the best high-quality Ukuleles you can get your hands on. … Donner Concert Ukulele DUC-1. After that,our list is the DUC-1 Concert Ukulele. … Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele. … Hricane Ukulele Soprano for Beginners. … Aklot 23-inch Concert Ukulele Beginner Pack. …

Q: What ukulele should I buy?

A: – Decide if you want a ukulele starter kit. Some ukuleles come with a range of accessories included, so you have everything you need to get started. … – Pick a size of ukulele. If you have large hands, you might find the smaller soprano and concert ukes too tricky to play. – Choose what strings you’d like to use. … – Consider whether looks matter. …

Q: What is the best size ukulele for beginners?

A: Soprano Ukuleles. This is the most common ukulele size,with a standard body length around 20 to 21 inches. … Concert Ukuleles. Slightly larger than the soprano ukulele is the concert uke,measuring around 23 inches. … Tenor Ukuleles. … Baritone Ukuleles. …

Q: What is the best brand of ukulele?

A: Cordoba. Some really popular ukuleles belong to the Cordoba brand including the 15CM-E. … Kala. Kala is an incredibly prolific ukulele manufacturer. … Martin. Looking for professional,high-end acoustic instruments? … Lanikai. … Fender. … Mahalo. … Oscar Schmidt. … Lohanu. … Luna. … Donner. …