Best Gifts for Ukulele Players 2024

Great news for the ukulele enthusiasts out there! This blog post is all about the best gifts you can get for your favorite ukulele player. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, their birthday, or just any day really – we’ve got you covered! Check out these awesome products from places near and far and make somebody smile today.

In terms of physical gifts, what could be better than a new ukelele? There are many brands to choose from on the market as well as a range of prices for all budgets. One top choice is a custom-made Allora Uke made in America by master craftsmen with superior quality at an affordable price.

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Gifts for Ukulele Players:

1. Uke Leash:

A uke leash is a strap that secures the uke to the player’s body so it doesn’t fall off or get lost. It’s a useful accessory to have especially for those who are nowhere near as attached to their ukes as others are. There are many different versions out there from simple leather wraps, to brightly-colored leashes with all types of designs attached.

2. Uke Hangers:

Hangers are a great way to showcase an ukulele. This type of gift is often used by professional players who want to keep their instruments in pristine condition and make it easy to show off. These beautifully crafted wooden hangers come in a variety of sizes and styles, but all will bring a modern look to any room.

3. Ukulele Picks:

If a pick were the only thing you could get for a ukulele player, that would still be awesome. There’s just no better way to add sparkle and shine into your playing than with picks from Koolau Ukulele Picks . The company has built a reputation for producing highly-attractive and functional ukulele picks with pearl and abalone designs.

4. Ukulele Strings:

Making sure your favorite musician has a stash of spare ukulele strings never hurts. Gift sets such as those from GHS Strings offer the most common sizes at affordable prices and are equally good for beginners as well as experienced players. These strings come in many different colors, but will last just as long no matter what shade they are.

5. Ukulele Accessories:

The sky’s the limit when it comes to gifts related to ukuleles and accessories cover a wide range of needs and desires. Stands are needed to keep ukes out of harm’s way, tuners are useful for quick tuning, and straps can be useful for both instruments and players. Also consider picks, chin rests, humidifiers or even ukulele-shaped bubble vases!

6. Ukulele Lessons:

Learning the ukulele is a lifetime activity that can be very rewarding. There are many options out there for lessons including private instructors, online programs, group classes, books with CD’s or DVD’s included, or one-on-one Skype sessions with teachers located around the world. Be sure to carefully consider your options before selecting a particular program as there are many choices out there.

7. Ukulele Apps:

If you’ve got a smart phone, tablet or PC, there are a number of ukulele apps out there for you to choose from. Popular options include Ukulele Tuner – Best Tuner by Alesis Digital Music , Jam Player Pro – Free Music Gifts , and Ukulele – Play Music by Ice World . For the more daring, there is even a real ukulele space shooter video game called Uke Uprising .

8. Ukulele Stickers:

Stickers are a fun way to show support for your favorite musician or instrument. Available at many local music shops, online retailers or directly from the manufacturer , stickers are a great way to let others know how you feel about ukuleles. Make sure to check out companies like Koolau Ukulele Stickers for some of the most creative designs available.

9. Ukulele Books:

We have our own ukulele book right here on our blog called The Ukulele Video Course . Having received excellent reviews, it’s a great way to learn some amazing licks and chord progressions that’ll help you play along with your favorite songs. It has been downloaded over 50,000 times!

10. Ukulele Memorabilia:

If you’ve got extra cash to spend, there are a number of ukulele-related gifts you can choose from. Ukulele strings are good for beginners, students or even enthusiasts who want the full experience. We have our choice of ukuleles on display in our shop as well as several homemade models that are available for purchase. Musical memorabilia is also something to consider.


There are so many ways to show someone you care. Just think of this list as a starter kit – not the only list out there. If you have any other great ideas, please let us know in the comments! Happy holidays everyone, and enjoy the time you have left with your family and friends today.

The best gifts for ukulele players can be found anywhere on the market. Whether you’re local or over seas, we’ve got you covered. We hope you found this list helpful and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Leave us a comment if you know of anything else worth giving as a present. Thanks and enjoy!