Best Soundbar Under $300 2022

Soundbars are meant for movies, TV, and other multimedia content. These speakers will envelop your entire room with audio. The Best Soundbar Under $300 will provide you with crystal clear sound but also offer deep bass response.

In addition, these soundbars will have a great 3D sound effect, which gives you a feeling as if you’re watching the movie being played on a home theater system.

Soundbars are an economical alternative to buying multiple speakers for your home theater setup, and one of the leading choices is the affordable Sonos Playbar. The Playbar is simple to use and has features like Bluetooth/USB connection which allow you to stream audio from any device, but its design may not be everyone’s taste.

5 Best Soundbars Under $300 in 2022 :

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1.JBL Bar 2.1 – Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer :

JBL Bar 2.1 - Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • JBL Surround sound makes movies come alive
  • Rich and deep bass from a 6.5" (165mm) wireless subwoofer
  • Enjoy JBL sound with 300W of power
  • Wireless music streaming with Bluetooth
  • Works with your TV remote control

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JBL’s bestselling soundbar, the JBL Bar 2.1, has been redesigned to deliver a more powerful and versatile audio experience. The new design features a sleekly modern exterior with a complementary charcoal fabric grille. The soundbar can now be paired with optional JBL subwoofers for an even higher performance audio experience that complements your TV viewing or music listening features.

Pros :

  • Matchless sound quality, without a complicated setup.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Good performance with a high level of detail and clarity.

Cons :

  • The speaker does not have a HDMI ARC.
  • The sound quality is slightly worse than promised.

2.Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, Acoustic Beam Technology, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode, 4K Pass-Through with HDR, Bluetooth Compatible, 360-Watts, Black :

Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, Acoustic Beam Technology,...
  • Samsung Acoustic Beam technology immerses you in panoramic sound that moves with the action
  • Hear voices clearly with a center channel dedicated to clear dialogue
  • Feel the rumble of deep bass from the wireless subwoofer
  • Adaptive Sound technology analyzes the sound signal and delivers optimized sound and clear voices

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The Samsung HW-Q60R Soundbar is one of 2017’s best soundbars at the moment. This device is a must have for anyone looking to enhance their home theater experience. It has 6-channel surround sound with Dolby Atmos up to 4K be compatible, the speaker has built in wireless receiver for streaming your favorite music wirelessly, and it can also support Bluetooth. It also has integrated Bluetooth audio streaming from most smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Pros :

  • Built-in wireless subwoofer for deep bass.
  • Wireless rear speakers to experience a surround sound effect.
  • High-definition audio playback with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoding.

Cons :

  • Sound bar only plays sound from one direction.
  • Speakers not full range or powerful enough to compete with dialogue and music of action movies and video games.

3.Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Handsfree Amazon Alexa Voice Control (New Update with Multi-Room Music Built-In), 4K HDMI, and Fire TV Compatible for Your Home Theater :

Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Handsfree Amazon Alexa Voice Control (New Update with Multi-Room...
  • Upgraded TV sound: Get legendary Polk sound with built in Dolby and DTS surround sound for an immersive home theater experience
  • Stream shows and music: fire tv compatible and built in support for amazon music, Pandora, tune in, iheartradio and more music services as they become...
  • Built in Alexa voice services and multi room music: easily control the sound bar functionality, your smart home devices, stream music in multiple...
  • 4k and hd tv compatible: easy setup with built in dual HDMI 2.0 inputs and optical cables to deliver 4k HDR viewing experience
  • Wireless subwoofer included: delivers room filling powerful bass perfect for movies, music and games

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The Polk Audio Command Soundbar is perfect for any home theater. This soundbar features a wireless subwoofer and produces rich, high-quality, clear sound. It includes HDMI ARC, which allows you to connect to your TV without the need for an optical audio cable. Control the volume from the soundbar easily with simple hand gestures from across the room using its IR remote control or with the free app available on iOS and Android devices.

Pros :

  • It has a simple design but gives out good quality sound.
  • Each speaker has its own impedance to provide clear sound at low, medium, and high frequencies.
  • It has one large center speaker for clearer dialogue, vocals and action effects

Cons :

  • Bulky, heavy weight
  • Not wireless
  • Complex remote control

4.Bose TV Speaker- Small Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity, Black, Includes Remote Control :

Bose TV Speaker - Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity, Black, Includes Remote...
  • Hear your TV better: Designed with simplicity in mind, the Bose TV Speaker is a small soundbar that clarifies speech and is a simple fix for better TV...
  • Wide, natural sound: 2 angled full-range drivers deliver a more realistic, spatial audio experience for overall better TV sound from a small soundbar.
  • Enhanced dialogue: This TV speaker is designed to specifically focus on clarifying and elevating vocals and pronunciation.
  • Bluetooth TV speaker: Pair your device to this Bluetooth soundbar to wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcasts.
  • Simple setup: A single connection from this compact soundbar to the TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately) has...

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Pros :

● Can be used as both a TV speaker and home theater system
● Impressive sound quality
● Bluetooth capabilities for music streaming.

Cons :

  • Can not change sound settings.
  • Some sound effects are too quiet.

5.Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer – Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System for TV – Blutooth and HDMI Arc Compatible Bar Black :

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer - Home...
  • Ultimate Home Theater Upgrade: Sony 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System With Wireless Subwoofer for Optimized Audio
  • Audio Comes Alive:320W total power output brings content to life with incredible volume and clarity
  • Powerful Subwoofer: Large 6.30 Inches Speaker Unit and 6.16 Gallon Volume for a Deeper, Richer Bass Sound
  • S-Force Pro: Virtual Surround Sound Technology Emulates a Theater-Style Surround Sound Experience
  • 7 Sound Modes: Choose from Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Game, News, Sports, and Standard Audio Mode

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This soundbar system was one of Sony’s most recent releases, and is optimized for use with any TV; however, it is not designed to be used in conjunction with another speaker. The system comes with a wireless subwoofer that plugs into an electrical outlet, which then transmits the sound wirelessly. The bar itself measures 16.13 inches at its widest point and includes two sets of inputs for connecting devices such as CD players or Blu-Ray players

Pros :

  • Excellent sound quality, less power than other soundbars, easy to use and connect to your TV.
  • Cable-less design.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.

Cons :

  • Won’t play some videos and TV.
  • Difficult to set up and use.

The Closure :

The soundbar has become the way to enhance your viewing experience on television. The technology of correcting external noises and producing rich sounds is an amazing tool for those who are watching TV shows on their laptops or gaming consoles. It can also help you enjoy music more than ever before, without any extra speakers hassle.


Q: What is the best soundbar under $300?

A: See our recommendations for the best budget soundbars, the best soundbars under $200, and the best small soundbars. The Vizio V Series V51-H6 is the best soundbar under $300 that we’ve tested.

Q: How much should you spend on a soundbar?

A: While you can spend as little as $80 on a soundbar, the sweet spot for this kind of speaker is around $300. For this price you can expect features such as Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, and a wireless subwoofer. Most bars include a voice-boosting mode, and dialogue will sound so much clearer than you ever heard from your TV.

Q: What is the best SoundBar with no bass?

A: Klipsch Bar 48: The Klipsch Bar 48 is a 3.1 soundbar that lacks a bit of bass out-of-the-box, but you can use its bass and treble adjustments to create a more neutral sound profile if you prefer. See our review Samsung HW-A550: The Samsung HW-A550 is a 2.1 soundbar with a neutral sound profile out-of-the-box.

Q: Is the Vizio cinema 400 Soundbar worth it?

A: That’s what makes the Cinema 400 our favorite soundbar at its price point. While it occasionally dips above the $300 line (thanks supply chain), it’s a fantastic value and worth a few extra bucks. The Vizio V21-H8 delivers a stellar upgrade to your TV speakers at a very friendly price.