Can You Play An Electric Guitar Without An Amp?

If you’re one of the millions of guitarists who want to play and sound like a pro, and you’re looking for a way to improve your skill without using an amp, then look no further — we’ve compiled this list of beginner guitar lessons that can help. Some popular genres that don’t require amps include … Read more

How to Set Up an Electric Guitar for Beginners

Guitar Setup is the process of adjusting the guitar so that the strings are at an optimal height for playing. Getting your guitar’s action set up correctly will make it easier to play chords, lead lines, and solos. What makes it Important? The very first thing you should do if you own an electric guitar … Read more

Must-Have Electric Guitar Accessories & Gear

Lots of people love to tune their guitar with a lot of care, so why not buy a guitar tuner? When you buy a guitar tuner, it’s going to help you avoid any broken strings or cracked wood, so it’s definitely worth the investment. Electric guitar accessories are the perfect way to show off your … Read more