Does a Tube Phono Preamp Sound Better?

According to this article, if you’ve tried everything else and are still getting less than stellar sound from your turntable, try adding a tube phono preamp. It should help. “One of the most important things that tube proponents like me always tell other audiophiles is that you need to first level out the signal levels … Read more

How to Make a Home Stereo Bluetooth Wireless?

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Do Powered Speakers Need an Amplifier?

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What do I Need with My Turntable? (Ultimate Guide)

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How to Connect a Turntable With a Built-In Preamp

Many turntables that come today such as Pioneer and Audio Technica (among others) have an integrated preamp built in. To use the integrated preamp on these devices, you will need to connect a RCA cable from the TA-IM1 3.5mm headphone out jack to your record player’s left and right line-in jacks. If your record player … Read more