How to Set Up a Stereo to Play Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records are back. If you want to listen to your favorite album on vinyl, there is a lot of equipment involved. To make the record sound as good as possible, you need an amplifier and speakers that will play low frequencies and everything else you can think of. You need a turntable and the … Read more

How to Play Vinyl Records Without Pops and Cracks

Most vinyl records are made with an inherent weakness in the middle of the record. If you’re not careful, when you play vinyl, it makes a pop or crackling sound. Whether you’re burning a single LP onto a CD or putting your next track on iTunes, your ears enjoy full sonic range. Causes for Pops … Read more

An Ultimate Guide on Different Types Of Ukuleles

The ukulele is a 4-stringed musical instrument that’s traditionally associated with the Hawaiian who invented it in 1879. Today, it has grown in popularity and can be seen in music around the world. The Ukulele is a string instrument that originated from Hawaii. It’s a smaller, less complex instrument than the guitar and was originally … Read more

Types of Headphones That Everyone Needs

Headphones and earbuds are a great way to enjoy your favorite music, television show, movie, or online game without disturbing people around you. The loud noises can disturb others in the same room, if not the entire neighborhood. Headphones help keep one’s hearing safe and sound while still listening to what they love. A headphone … Read more