Marshall Code 50W Review

If you’re in the market for a new amplifier to boost your sound, try Marshall Code 50W Amp. It’s a great amp that will get your music sounding perfect without breaking the bank.

Marshall is known for their amplifiers and this one is no exception. It can be used by any musician, from the seasoned professional to the beginner. This amp has a great design that allows you to play in several different configurations including two speaker cabinets and one speaker cabinet.

It has a built-in auto-chromatic tuner which helps you stay on top of how your instrument is sounding at all times. You can even connect additional instruments like bass or keyboards via an AUX input for added versatility and playback options.

Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1x12' Digital Combo Amp
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Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1x12" Digital Combo Amp
  • 50-watt Modeling Guitar Amplifier with 12" Speaker
  • 4 Digital Power Amp Models
  • 14 Digital Preamp Models
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Speaker Emulation

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Design and Structures:

The Marshall Code 50W Amplifier features two channels, each with their own volume control. You can switch between clean and distorted sounds easily just by adjusting the knobs. The LED display shows you how much gain is being applied to either channel at all times, which can be helpful when you’re just starting out.

This also makes it easier to identify which mode you want to use. The distortion available is pretty intense, so there’s no need to carry your pedal around with you anymore for use during live performances.

You’ll still want to do some fine-tuning to make sure the sound is just right, but the auto-chromatic tuner will help with that too. The amp also has two inputs for microphones, allowing you to incorporate your vocals into the mix.

The speakers that come with this set are pretty standard quality, which means they may not be able to handle big stages or multiple instruments at once. If you plan on playing live shows regularly, you’ll probably want to upgrade them at some point.


The Marshall Code 50W Amp is pretty lightweight, weighing only 25 pounds at most. This makes it easy to carry around on your frequent tours. It also won’t get in the way when you’re setting up for practice or your next performance.

The dimension of this amp is 12x4x11 inches when it’s closed. When open, it expands to 16x8x19 inches making it very portable indeed.

The overall sound quality of this amp is pretty good because it has a wide range of tones to choose from. There are 50W speakers which can get a little distorted at higher volumes, but overall you’ll be impressed with the sound quality.

It comes with two channels, each with their own volume controls, as well as an auxiliary jack for other instruments. This amp has a black vinyl covering and chrome trims to make it look sleek and professional.


The Marshall Code 50W Amp comes with a built-in auto-chromatic tuner and AUX input for other instruments. The two channels each have their own volume control to help you get the sound just right.

There’s a gain control to help dial in the right amount of distortion and gain. The clean and distorted sounds are separated by a button that allows you to switch between them without having to go into the receiver setup. You can also switch between two different speaker types for various performance options.


  • You can choose between a clean and a distorted sound easily. The auto-chromatic tuner helps you maintain accurate tuning at all times.
  • This amp comes with two channels allowing for great versatility when playing live.
  • The Marshall Code 50W Amplifier is a great choice for musicians of all levels. It’s really easy to operate and it has a ton of customizable options. The design is sleek and professional, making it a great centerpiece to any stage setup.
  • You don’t have to worry about your instrument being heard clearly on stage anymore because you can control how it sounds more easily than ever before with this amp. If you’re looking for a little more control over your sound, this amp might be the best option for you.


  • Depending on how you play, the Marshall Code 50W Amp may not be quite loud enough for your purposes. It can get pretty loud, but it’s best for small to mid-sized venues. If you’re looking to perform at larger shows or events, this may not be the best option for you.


The Marshall Code 50W Amplifier is a great choice for any musician who wants more control over their music. It’ll give you more options to play with and it’s pretty reliable, too. It’s easy to use, the auto-chromatic tuner is great for tuning on the fly, and the clean and distorted sounds are separated by a button so you won’t have to mess with parameters on your receiver.

If you want something that will make something sound like it’s straight out of the 80s without breaking the bank, try this amp! It’s quite versatile and powerful for its size, making it a great option for most musicians.


Q: What is the Marshall code 50W 1×12 combo?

A: The Marshall CODE 50W 1×12 combo combines the Marshall legacy with state-of-the-art technology, culminating in a potent little amp that taps into all the tones you crave. The range offers a choice of digital amp models, power amps, cabinet simulations, FX and more allowing you to dial in every tonal possibility you need.

Q: How many Watts Does a Marshall code 50 have?

A: With 50 watts and a full-voiced 12″ speaker, the Marshall Code 50 is right at home onstage for club gigs and worship services. And for some quick stress relief at the office, a silent headphone amp delivers signature Marshall crunch right to your ears without disturbing coworkers.

Q: What is code by Marshall?

A: Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX.

Q: How much does the code 50 digital modeling amp weigh?

A: Get the ultimate in Marshall amp emulation with the Code 50 digital modeling amp! Marshall Amps’ Legendary Legacy of Loud! Height: 17.3″ Width: 20.8″ Weight: 28.6 lbs. Need Help Choosing?