How to Make Computer Speakers Louder?

When you’re using a computer, there’s no need to turn the volume up just to hear the sound. The computer speakers are normally too soft, and get drowned out by your college papers or TV screen. You can use some simple methods that will help get rid of this problem.

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Be Aware of the Output Power

Most computer speakers are very small. This is because the output power is not enough. However, this isn’t an issue if you are using headphones or earphones, but when you are trying to use the whole speaker system, this is a big problem. Luckily, there is an easy solution for this problem. Most computer speakers have an 3.5mm jack that connects to your MP3 player or some other device with some sort of audio output source.

If you can find another 3.5mm jack to connect to your computer’s sound card, this will be much better. Your computer will now output the same kind of power as it would with its built-in speakers. You’ll no longer have to turn the volume up on the computer to hear the sound, but instead it will be loud enough without using extra resources like batteries or recharging.

Finding Out about Maximizing the Use of a Bluetooth Speaker

What if you could take your Bluetooth speaker anywhere with you? While this may not be possible now, it is possible for anyone with a smartphone to take advantage of apps that can turn any Bluetooth speaker into a mobile hotspot. If your device comes with the capability, find an app like we Boost or even Data Roaming and make use of it.

Two Ways to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Play Louder

One way to make a Bluetooth speaker play louder when the volume is already maxed out is to simply put the speaker on the floor. Doing this will increase the bass sound coming through the speaker and also causes the sound to come through with better clarity, which is good when hosting a party with a lot of people in the room. Checking the room size is another way to increase the volume of a Bluetooth speaker, as positioning the speaker in the right angle will be effective. The Bluetooth speakers are ideal for indoor use but some can be purchased that may work well outside.

Final Thoughts about Making a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

The Bluetooth speakers or any other speakers do not actually get louder than what the maximum volume allows on the device, but trying the various tricks of positioning the speakers allows for better amplification. It is important to keep in mind that while louder speakers gives an individual the sense of being in a live service, the music should still be at a volume as to not ruin the eardrums. People can expect that with more advances in technology that the Bluetooth speakers will have better quality and bring better satisfaction to those listening to the music through them. More information about quality brand Bluetooth speakers can be found by the various merchants who sell them.

Make Computer Speakers Louder

There are many ways to make a speaker louder and increase the output, but it depends on the type of speaker you have. Our team has broken down the article to address different types of speakers and how to adjust the loudness.

Phone Speakers

First up on the list are phone speakers. Of course, your iPhone volume level will be no match for a larger speaker, but this can be rectified. 

1. Place in an Empty Corner or Bowl

You can also use external methods to amplify your iPhone speaker. For example, placing it in a concave receptacle such as a bowl or simply cupping your hand around the iPhone can make the sound quality louder. 

Put your iPhone in an empty corner of the room, because it can also make it sound louder thanks to the acoustics. You can even try to place  your phone against a wall and turn it 45 degrees at the adjacent wall to amplify the output.

3. Adjust Volume Limitation Settings

A little-known fact to many consumers is the iPhone comes with a noise limiter setting. This suppresses the max volume level you can otherwise get from your speaker. To do this, head into your “settings”, then find “music”. Once you click on “music”, make sure the “volume limit” function is turned off. 

4. Adjust Loud Sounds Option

Your iPhone will also have a lot of equalization or EQ settings you can play with. The loudness equalization can be accessed via the “settings” app. Click into it and find “music” then “EQ”. Our team suggests looking for “late night”. The late-night mode may sound like it won’t make the speaker louder, but it actually brings forth quieter sounds.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you don’t know how to make speakers louder if you have a Bluetooth device, then follow the directions below.

1. Place on the Floor

If you place your Bluetooth speaker like the Sonos Roam on the floor, it can amplify your listening experience and media content thanks to the vibrations that run along with your floors. This is one of the tricks that can instantly increase sounds.

2. Area Proportion

You can also try placing the Bluetooth player near a wall like you did with your iPhone. Another way to make a Bluetooth speaker louder is by considering the area proportion. You can’t expect speakers to sound louder if you are in a large room.

Stereo Speakers

To enjoy the loud and satisfying sounds from stereo speakers, follow the steps below. 

1. Place in the Corner of a Room

The idea to place your iPhone and Bluetooth speaker close to a corner also apply here. The audio will be increased to sound much more expansive. 

2. Check Inputs

Sometimes speakers sound quiet because the inputs aren’t secure. The volume will be affected if the cables are not inserted tightly. Double-check the insert before you play your media content, but that’s not enough. 


When it comes to the question of how to make a speaker louder, choosing the right model is not enough. The volume can be adjusted in many devices such as your iPhone to make your music more enjoyable. Regardless of what type of speaker you are dealing with, your experts have a solution for how to make your music, movie, and any other audio content louder and better.