How Much Do Podcasts Cost? Find Out

With the rise of smartphone usage, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Free, downloadable audio files that stream on demand (most often via iTunes), podcasts are both entertaining and educational.

But what about the cost? You may be worried that you need to be rich with cash to indulge in this wonderful trend. Fear not! Here is our breakdown of how much podcast listeners can expect to spend on their habit per month, as well as all the different ways (legal!) they can afford it!

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How Much do Podcasts Actually Cost?

1. Top Podcasts:

If you don’t know what podcast to listen to, search for “top podcasts” and see what the main titles are. Apple even has a top 100 list available.

This way, you could download or stream the first episode of one of these podcasts (most are free), and then choose whether or not you like it. If you don’t like it, move on! At the very least, try the first podcast episode free before subscribing.

2. Subscribe:

If you do subscribe to a podcast that costs money, be wary of cancellation policies. Most podcasts have a 24-hour cancellation period. Some may even have a couple of days to cancel, but many do not. Do not think that you can avoid the subscription fee just because it has an expiration date!

3. Listen to Podcasts regularly:

If you do not listen to podcasts regularly, consider purchasing the season pass at your favorite podcast hosting website (iTunes/Amazon/etc.) and just listening to one episode per week without subscribing to the whole season at once.

This way you will know when an episode is available before it’s too late! And if you find yourself enjoying the show, you can always subscribe for more episodes in order to get caught up on whatever happened in the last episode.

Podcast Listener Cost:

While podcast listening can be free, engaging in the hobby does come with certain costs. These include the following:

1. Time:

It takes time to listen to an entire podcast episode. Prepare yourself for at least 10-15 minutes once you decide what you want to listen to before you can actually sit down and listen to it.

Remember this when you choose your podcasts! If you only have a half hour during your lunchtime today, maybe choose something that will only take 5 minutes (maybe even news headlines).

Instead, if you have a full hour to spare, then it is time to go for a podcast!

2. Internet:

Podcasts must be downloaded from various websites. Some may have a free version, but most have a subscription fee. These subscriptions are often measured in different length terms. If you are in the US, you may choose to pay monthly or yearly fees.

But if you are in Europe, it is most likely the length of the contract that matters, not how much it costs per month or year.

3. Storage:

If you only subscribe to one podcast, this is obviously not an issue. But if you are a podcast junkie, you will begin to notice that many of your space-hungry podcasts will not fit on your iPod.

One way to counter this issue is by using a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive. This way, you can download your podcasts while they are still in their original format, and then place them on a storage device for later listening. This way you can even listen to them when your Internet is down!

Other Ways To Save On Podcasts:

1. Internet Providers:

This is a great way to save money if you can afford to be tethering your smartphone or tablet to your car. Not only will you be able to listen to podcasts while driving, but if you install apps that shut off the Internet when not in use (i.e. power saver apps) then you will also see a savings in your monthly bill from your provider!

2. Try Offline:

If you’re worried about saving data on your cellphone when listening to podcasts, try downloading them offline. Just download your podcast from the source website using an app such as Pocket Casts, then download it to your phone.

And you can also get apps that allow you to listen to podcasts through the car’s AUX port. This way, you can use apps that allow you to play music or talk on the phone while driving without worrying about getting a ticket!

3. Alternatives To Podcasts:

Although podcast subscriptions may seem like a great option for avid listeners, there are other alternatives if price is not an issue. These options include the following:

4. Streaming Media Services:

Many streaming media services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu offer new episodes of popular shows. Depending on the show you choose, you may be able to watch for free! This is especially helpful if watching shows online is more your style than listening to them. This way you can still listen to podcasts while doing other things.


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. If you are looking for something new to listen to, they are an affordable option that combines convenience with entertainment.

Just remember that you have some options when it comes to how much it costs. Some offer free content while others cost money!


Q: How much does it cost to make a professional podcast?

A: You could either charge a rate per hour, and give potential clients an estimate of how long it will take, all things going well (eg. 3 hours, 4 hours, etc). Or you could charge a flat rate for an edit (eg. $150) regardless of how long it takes you. For your hourly rate, you could charge anywhere between $25 to 75.

Q: How much does a podcast cost to listen to?

A: Podcasters have three monthly pricing options to choose from: $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99, and they won’t owe anything to Spotify for the first two years (aside from the cost of transaction fees through…

Q: How much can I make podcasting?

A: Mainly, when James is out of the game, give Westbrook the ball, give him a pick-and-roll partner and three other shooters, and get out of the way.

Q: Does Apple Podcasts cost money?

A: This talks about the same answer in-depth. No. Apple Podcasts is free for anyone with an Apple device to use. While some podcasts may have ads, Apple takes 0% of that ads revenue so it all goes to the podcasters.