Best Microphones For Webinar Hosting

You don’t have to be an expert to know that a microphone is an essential item for most webinars. Some of the very best microphones on the market are built right into some cameras, which can make your life a little easier. But if your camera doesn’t have it or you want more control over … Read more

Best Microphone For Online Teaching

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Best Microphone For Recording Instruments

If you want to record the sound of various instruments, a microphone is necessary. It will be used to capture sound from the instrument and amplify it. The quality of the microphone will determine how you can share the sounds on the recordings with others. You want to find a good mic that will create … Read more

Best Room Mics for Live Recording

What is it about live recordings that make them so much more appealing than any other kind of recording? The sound. If you’re experiencing a great performance, the room mic’s pick up every last nuance. You may not even need to edit out mistakes or bad notes. I know it can be hard sometimes to … Read more

Best Boom Poles for Filming

If you’re going to make high-quality videos, you need boom poles. A boom pole is a pole that attaches to the bottom of your camera & is handled by a Boom Operator. They range in length and can be used for several different things, such as for steady shots or getting footage at a distance. … Read more

Best Microphones with Auto-Tune Reviewed

Singing on stage like your favourite singer is a dream many of us have had growing up, and many of us still hold today. Finding a magic microphone that will transform your voice to sound just as amazing as one of your favourites would be something you’ve always wanted, and is probably the reason why … Read more

Best Wireless Microphone for Zoom Meetings

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Best Microphone For Recording Nature

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Best Boom Microphones Reviewed

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