Godin Etude Classical Guitar Review

The Godin Etude Classical Guitar is a fantastic instrument for beginners or those looking for a quality classical guitar without breaking the bank. This guitar comes with a durable spruce top and rosewood back and sides. It also has a built-in pickup so if you do not have a microphone you can plug it in … Read more

Antonio Giuliani CL-5 Classical Guitar Review

Antonio Giuliani CL-5 classical guitar has a handcrafted, all solid wood body and spruce top. It is designed with a traditional look and offers rich warm tone with exceptional balance. Antonio’s design on the Antonio Giuliani CL-5 is for players who want an instrument with a traditional look but sound quality of an instrument on … Read more

Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar Review

The C5 Cordoba Classical Guitar. As a beginner guitar player or an intermediate player looking for a new acoustic guitar that has it all, this is an excellent model to consider. The C5 Cordoba Classical Guitar is a large-bodied instrument with an exceptional sound and performance level. This guitar is perfect for playing string quartets … Read more

Best Hollow Body Guitar and Semi-Hollow Guitars

In the last decade or so, guitars have been evolving at a pace quicker than ever before. In terms of their physical design, most guitars have been changing from their semi-hollow body type to a lightweight hollow body guitar. This being said, there are some new models on the market that deserve some attention! The … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500 for Musicians

I recently started writing for a website that specializes in reviews of string instruments like guitars, violins, and violin bows. Some people might think that there’s already enough information available online about what makes up a good instrument; however, not everyone is satisfied with the resources currently out there. This article is going to be … Read more

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars (That Aren’t Junk)

As the 21st century begins to unfold, musicians are looking for new ways to create music that modernize their sound. The resurgence of electric guitars in recent years has given rise to a new generation of guitarists who are looking for cheap acoustic guitars with unique tones. Some people are convinced that budget-friendly acoustic guitars … Read more

Best Classical Guitars Under $2000

There are many reasons to be in the market for a classical guitar, namely it’s sound and ease of use. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, there are plenty of guitars in the 1000 dollar range that will not break your bank account. By understanding what components make up a classical guitar’s design, … Read more