How do Tube Amplifiers Work

Amplifiers are circuits that boost the power of an electrical signal. The simplest amplifiers are linear. Linear amplifiers are most commonly used to increase the power of audio signals, because the amplification is predictable, with only a small amount of distortion added to the sound. What is a Tube Amplifier? Tube amplifiers are an example … Read more

What do Headphone Amplifiers do

Have you ever had your headphones or speakers play distorted music, or experience crackling noises in the background? This is not due to faulty equipment; it’s because your device is not pushing out enough power. To give you an idea of what this sounds like to the human ear, it’s like having your ears covered … Read more

How to Connect Speakers to Amplifiers

Similarly to speakers, amplifiers are a key component of a stereo system. In most cases, the amplifier is the device that turns received sound into an audible signal that could be heard by both the speaker and listener. The push-pull function of this device causes it to produce harmful electromagnetic radiation(EMR) in the proximity of … Read more

Denon vs Yamaha Receivers – Detailed Comparison

Denon is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced home, personal, and professional audiovisual equipment. Founded in 1910, they remain at the forefront of innovation, always committed to delivering only the highest levels of performance and enjoyment. Denon relentlessly pursues perfection relentlessly to deliver a better entertainment experience for those who love its products. For more … Read more