Best Wireless Headset With Microphone For Laptop

Wireless headsets have become a very popular choice for people who are into gaming as well as teleconferencing and voice recording. Wireless Bluetooth headsets are also a great option because they allow for a faster response time in games. When playing real-time strategy or multiplayer online battle arena, for instance, a fast response time can … Read more

Best Wireless Headset for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an integral part of modern business and is often the preferred method for some contacts. However, many video calls are over before they even start because of poor quality audio. Great audio clarity during a video call is vital for an engaging, informative conversation. Through this article, we will discuss the … Read more

Best 3.5mm Microphones Reviewed 2021

An essential part of any musician’s gear is the microphone. Whether you are a singer, an acoustic player, a vocalist, or an instrumentalist it is imperative to have the best microphone you can afford to get that professional sound you are looking for. In this piece, we will be discussing some of the best 3.5mm … Read more

Best Microphones with Auto-Tune Reviewed

Singing on stage like your favourite singer is a dream many of us have had growing up, and many of us still hold today. Finding a magic microphone that will transform your voice to sound just as amazing as one of your favourites would be something you’ve always wanted, and is probably the reason why … Read more

Best Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

large-diaphragm Condenser Microphones

A large-diaphragm condenser microphone (LDC), also known as a large-diaphragm condenser, is an electronic device that uses charged capacitor plates and electromagnets to produce a sound waveform by modulating the movement of the plates. The diaphragm vibrates to create the mechanical wave that eventually generates an electrical signal. Large-diaphragm microphones are most often used for … Read more

Best Boom Poles for Filming

If you’re going to make high-quality videos, you need boom poles. A boom pole is a pole that attaches to the bottom of your camera & is handled by a Boom Operator. They range in length and can be used for several different things, such as for steady shots or getting footage at a distance. … Read more

Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

If you’re looking for a high-performance microphone without any of the bulky sizes, you should check out our guide on small-diaphragm condenser microphones. These are all of great quality, and they’ll give you fantastic sound. When it comes to recording vocals, for example, a good mic can really make or break your project. What is … Read more

Best Mics for Speech Recognition & Dictation

As we live in a world where speech recognition is becoming more and more widespread, it’s important to ensure that the microphone you’re using can pick up your voice & convert it into text accurately. The following article will go through various types of audio equipment used for dictating or transcribing audio and how they … Read more

What are the Best Push to Talk Microphones

push to talk microphone

Push-to-talk microphones don’t have wires, meaning that you can move around. You won’t get tangled up in cables when you are on your phone or skyping with friends and family. A push-to-talk microphone is a phase-changing switch that allows you to turn the microphone on and off either manually or automatically. This gives you a … Read more