How to Make a Turntable Wireless?

A turntable can be a cool addition to any home, especially if you’re big on vinyl. But there are so many things to consider when considering making your own. There are different types of platters, speeds, hardware, and more that can make things quite complicated for the uninitiated.

This blog post will take you through all the easy steps that will give you great sound without having to carry your speakers across the room! A turntable can be a cool addition to any home, especially if you’re big on vinyl.

But there are so many things to consider when considering making your own. There are different types of platters, speeds, hardware, and more that can make things quite complicated for the uninitiated.

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How do we make Turntable Wireless?

Materials you need:

  1. Turntable(any)
  2. Wireless Speaker(any)
  3. Decorating materials for both turntable and speaker (optional)

1. Speaker Set

Speaker First, you need to start with the wireless speaker. When choosing a wireless speaker, you want to pick one that will have enough power to drive even the loudest volumes without distortion or crackling. So choose a speaker that has multiple power options, including batteries and an electrical outlet.

Also consider size when picking out a wireless speaker because while most are portable they can still be big. Make sure the speaker you choose looks good with your turntable. You don’t want to put an ugly speaker on an otherwise beautiful turntable.

2. Turntable

Turntables come in all shapes and sizes, with varying features and platter sizes, so it’s important to consider what kind of turntable you want when pairing with a wireless speaker.

If you pair a tiny record player that has a small platter size with a big wireless speaker, the sound will be tinny and weak while bigger speakers need more space on the table to be placed, so make sure you match up size-wise as well as style-wise!

3. Pairing

Pair the speaker to the turntable Now that you’ve figured out what kind of speaker will fit best, you can match it up to the turntable. If the wireless speaker you’ve chosen has a multiple power option, make sure it will work with your particular turntable.

AC powered speakers will need an AC outlet and DC powered speakers need a DC outlet. You might also want to consider how well matched your records are for your speakers as a less powerful speaker might not be a good fit for a hard rock record.

4. Record Player

Pick Your Record Pick out a record player that works best with your speaker. You can choose any record player that fits all the features of the turntable, but keep in mind that your speaker will most likely need to be smaller than the platter of your turntable because it will need to fit on the table for playing.

If you’re interested in taking it a step further, you can even pick out records that match up with your speaker so they look good together!

5. Start Playing

Play! Turn on your wireless speaker and place it where you want on the table, turn on the record player and place it on top of the turntable. Enjoy your music to the fullest by not having to worry about speaker wires or not being close enough to hear.

You will find lots of options when you go wireless for your turntable, but you want to make sure that the speaker you choose is powerful enough for the records you want to listen too. Another important consideration is how your speakers will look with your vinyl player..

You can always buy them together to ensure they match, or just pick out a speaker that looks good with it! If you’re on a budget, or don’t have a lot of space on your table, an all in one record player might be best for you because it combines everything into one neat little package.

Benefits of Wireless Turntable:

For most people, wireless turntable is a more practical option. Here are some benefits of this design aspect:

Record players are becoming less common as vinyl records have resumed popularity. In fact, most record players have been replaced with computer speakers and home audio systems. So going wireless will allow you to turn your old record player into a music source again without a lot of hassle.

Another benefit is that you can listen to your favorite music from anywhere in the room! If you have multiple record players, the sound quality from the individual speakers will be very different from each other even if they’re powered by the same amp or receiver.


Provided that your components are compatible, pairing a wireless speaker with your record player is pretty straightforward. As with all retro audio equipment, however, there are lots of different components on the market that you need to take into consideration before you make your decision.

There are lots of different speakers out there with different features and power options, but any wireless speaker should pair well with any turntable. Just make sure you match up everything properly and enjoy listening to music without tediously moving across the room!


Q: How to set up the optimal turntable system?

A: The turntable/cartridge The phono preamp or phono stage The amplifier and speakers The cables

Q: How to make a turntable wireless?

A: Portable: Play your music anywhere you want to listen. … Universal: Bluetooth is standardized across devices and works natively with your tech regardless of what brands you’re faithful to. … Easy setup: Getting everything up and running is pretty simple – just pair an audio source to a Bluetooth receiver and press play. …

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