Connect a Turntable to a Receiver Without Phono Input

Turntables are great pieces of musical equipment. They make for fantastic party tools, and they can also be used as an expression of one’s personal style. However, there are some pieces of gear that people might not understand how to hook up with the turntable. If you’re one of these people who haven’t opened their … Read more

Best Phono Preamps for Ortofon 2M Red/Blue/Bronze/Black

The Ortofon 2M Red/Blue/Bronze/Black is a fragile and costly phono cartridge and can be damaged by mishandling, accidental drops, or other accidents. T his phono preamp will help protect your audio pick-up from damage due to using it in a noisy environment. Ortofon 2M phono preamplifiers offer a simple and effective way to upgrade the … Read more

Turntable vs. Record | Which is the Best?

The turntable is a device for playing sound recordings. It has been around since the late 1800s, and it is still popular today among DJs, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts. The turntable consists of three simple components: the platter where the record is placed to play; a stylus that slides across the record to create vibrations … Read more

How do I Stop My Record from Skipping?

Have you ever had a record skip or scratched? It’s not only tricky and frustrating when it happens, but it can also cause other problems like not playing the right songs. If this has happened to you and your records, we’ve put together a thorough article on how to fix the problem for good! What … Read more