Best Microphone For Two Person Podcast

The best microphone for two people depends largely on the strength of your budget and your personal preferences. The most important thing is that you have a single microphone for each person. This provides optimum sound quality, while also keeping the vocal tracks separated to ensure they don’t overlap. Also keep in mind that for … Read more

Best Microphone For Recording Nature

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Best Affordable Blue Yeti Alternatives

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Best Microphone For MotoVlogging Reviewed

The perfect motovlogging mic is one that captures the natural sound of your Vlog. Remember, your microphone adds a layer of depth and richness to your vlog. It’s one of the most important, yet affordable tools in your vlogging kit. Luckily, there are microphones specially designed for vlogging out there. We’d recommend a directional microphone, … Read more

Best Microphone For Audiobook Recording

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to get your book out there, and more importantly, in people’s ears. Audiobooks are not just for people who find it difficult to read because of their eyesight or other impairments – they provide much-needed relief for commuters, travelers, and bored office workers across the world. There are a number … Read more

Best Microphone for Kids

What kid doesn’t dream of singing on the big stage? Entertaining thousands in attendance just like their favorite pop star is something your child has probably imagined a hundred times, and if they deny it, they’re probably lying. While constantly hearing your child sing the same song can change from being cute to annoying in … Read more

Best Microphone for Live Vocals to Record & Sing

Catching vocals is really an entirely testing accomplishment… which is exactly why getting the ideal mic for vocals is really significant. Regardless of whether you are YouTubing, recording music, vlogging or podcasting, having a quality audio is what will help you in attracting and retaining your crowd. Hence we have put forth a guide on … Read more