Best Wall Mount Speakers 2024

You always want to take care of your speakers because they are the voice of your music. If you take good care of them, then they will faithfully bring your favorite songs into your life for years to come.

The best wall mount speakers are designed to keep this kind of longevity in mind. The process to mount speakers on wall can be carried out easily and without frustration, making it easier than ever to install them with ultimate convenience and good acoustics in mind.

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How to Choose Wall Mount Speakers:

Here are a few things to look at when taking a second look at options.

Speaker Size:

The size of the speaker is important, because it affects what kind of space you will need to mount it on. Choosing one of these models makes it easier to find a space that fits the speaker perfectly. Some speakers are larger than others, so you want to keep this in mind so you can invest in a model that is a good fit for you.


Speakers run the risk of producing distorted sound, especially if they are played at higher volumes. You want to make sure that your speaker comes with ant-distortion features. This way you can keep distortion to a minimum, giving you clearer sound overall without sacrificing too much on volume.


The amount of power that your speaker can produce with its amplifier is measured in watts. You want to make sure that the speaker has enough power to fill the space you are putting it in, but not too much power that it has trouble regulating itself. If you’re not careful with this point, then you run the risk of blowing out the speaker rather quickly.

5 Best Wall Mount Speakers Reviewed

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1. Polk Audio OWM3 Wall and Bookshelf Speakers & PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer – Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value

Polk Audio OWM3 and PSW10 Speakers + Subwoofer Bundle (White)
  • The Polk OWM3 speakers deliver detailed audio with deeper bass and minimal distortions at extreme volumes using exclusive Dynamic Balance and...
  • The PSW10 10-inch powered subwoofer provides accurate bass with added depth to bring your music and movies alive in small-to-mid size rooms.
  • The OWM3 speakers offer 7 unique placement options with their distinct curved design that allows horizontal, vertical, corner, angular, shelf, top or...
  • The PSW10 subwoofer features a 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer, 50-watt RMS amplifier, rotary volume control and adjustable 80-160 Hz crossover for...
  • The bundle combines the OWM3's versatility and detailed sound with the PSW10's powerful bass punch for an immersive audio experience.

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A set of Polk Audio in-wall speakers is a fantastic addition to any home theater system, or they are excellent for any kind of music listening. The sound quality is generally very good, making them great for an audiophile.

They have reliable design details that ensure that the product will be able to withstand most types of weather without too much issue.


  • High Quality Materials
  • Consistent Sound Quality
  • Great for Any Home Theater System or Music Listening
  • Easy Installation
  • Great for High Volume Listening


  • A Bit Heavy on the Budget for a Single Speaker Pair
  • Many users complain that these speakers do not produce great bass, even with the subwoofer. Some customers note that they look cheap.

2. KICKER KB6 2-Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Speakers (Pair) | Weatherproof Speakers for Patio Sunroom Garage Poolside in-Home | 6.5 inch woofer, 2×5 inch Horn Tweeter | Quick Mounting

KICKER KB6B 2-Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Speakers (Pair) Weatherproof Speakers for Patio Garage...
  • New and Improved - The Kicker KB6 is the direct replacement for the Legendary Kicker KB6000. Its UV-treated enclosure and ability to produce clean...
  • Legendary Signature Sound - That legendary Kicker sound is now made to rock from a family room, listening room, den, backyard deck, patio, garage,...
  • No Replacement For Displacement! Legendary sound quality and value. The Kicker KB6 2-Way Atrium Speaker features a bold 6.5 inch woofer and 2x5-inch...
  • Mounting Hardware Included For Versatile Speaker Placement – Your outdoor speaker can be installed on the wall or ceiling or in a vertical or...
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We pride ourselves in ensuring customer satisfaction Kicker provides Lifetime Support with our Professional Customer Support...

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These KICKER speakers are a great investment for your next outdoor living area. They have a frequency response of 55Hz to 20,000Hz, which is perfectly good for both music and movies.

They have been designed to be able to withstand the elements with ease, so you can feel confident about weathering a storm without dealing with a broken set of outdoor speakers.


  • Highly Durable for Outdoor Uses
  • Great Bass Performance for Outdoor Use
  • Easy to Attach to Walls or Posts


  • Loud enough that some people think that buying these speakers is a bad idea. Some customers complain that they do not sound good, even with the subwoofer connected.

3. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass (Pair, Black), All-Weather Durability, Broad Sound Coverage, Speed-Lock Mounting System

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass (Pair, Black), All-Weather Durability, Broad...
  • CREATED TO LIVE AND PLAY OUTDOORS, your Atrium Speakers can be installed in any open space—by a pool, in the patio or a sunroom, or tucked away...
  • WIDER SOUND DISPERSION & SURPRISINGLY POWERFUL BASS driven by a 4 1/2" mineral filled Dynamic Balance polymer cone and a 3/4" anodized aluminum dome...
  • Recognized as ONE OF THE BEST-LOOKING OUTDOOR SPEAKERS, Polk Atrium 4 speakers come with a steeply-angled baffle design filling open spaces with big...
  • ONE-CLICK SPEED-LOCK MOUNTING BRACKET offers EASY, ANTI-SLIP ONE-HANDED INSTALLATION allowing you to mount these speakers vertically or horizontally,...
  • THE SPEAKER FOR ALL SEASONS – it’s rugged durability, high environmental endurance and superior quality has helped Polk Outdoor Speakers earn the...

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Polk Audio has managed to create a speaker that sounds fantastic while still being highly durable for outdoor use. They will play your CDs, DVDs, and even your vinyl records with wonderful bass response without needing to blow any of the speakers out.


  • Weather Resistant Design
  • Reliable Performance Regardless of Conditions
  • Durable Polk Audio Branding on the Speakers Points Towards High Quality Materials and Sound Quality Control in Manufacturing


  • Some customers complain that these speakers are not so durable after all, mainly because they are made of plastic instead of metal.

4. JBL Professional C1PRO High Performance 2-Way Professional Compact Loudspeaker System, Black , Sold as Pair, 9.30 x 6.30 x 5.60 inches

JBL Professional C1PRO High Performance 2-Way Professional Compact Loudspeaker System, Black , Sold...
  • Latest 150W Pro quality version of JBL Control 1 for shelf or wall mount
  • Variable angle wall brackets enable multiple uses and angles
  • Professional drivers and high quality crossover gives a faithfull and transparent sonic performance
  • It features SonicGuard HF overload protection
  • It features magnetically shielded transducers for near monitor or ear TV applications

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JBL is a brand that is known for making high performance audio equipment, including speakers. They have made a reliable set of speakers that are easy to mount.

These are great for people who are setting up home theater systems for their families or just want to listen to their music in peace, without bothering noise-sensitive neighbors.


  • A Solid Investment for Anything you Want to Put Them On
  • Easy to Mount on Any Wall or Post for Convenient Listening
  • Superb Sound Quality, Better Than You Would Expect at this Price Range


  • Some reviewers note that after a little while they start to break down. The best thing for you to do is check product reviews before buying these speakers.

5. Dual Electronics LU53PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers with Powerful Bass | Effortless Mounting Swivel Brackets | All Weather Resistance | Expansive Stereo Sound Coverage | Sold in Pairs

Dual Electronics LU53PB 5.25" 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers | Effortless Mounting...
  • |DESIGNED TO LIVE INDOORS & OUTDOORS| – your studio quality speakers can be mounted/placed in any open space, by the pool, under your patio, in the...
  • |DIGITALLY OPTIMIZED FOR EXPANSIVE DISPERSION & POWERFUL BASS| – the synchronized harmony of your 3-Way Component Speakers & 5.25-inch Woofer create...
  • |ALL WEATHER RESISTANT COATING| – these speakers are made for Every Season; they are coated with a UV resistant resin and placed inside an ABS...
  • |DUAL DBTMA100 BLUETOOTH AMPLIFIER| – don’t forget to add the top selling Dual Electronics DBTMA100 Bluetooth Amplifier with your LU53PB Speakers...
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY - When registered online with  1 year warranty standard.

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These outdoor speakers from Dual Electronics are a great set of speakers for the person who wants to get their entire family involved in some quality listening time. They work well with all kinds of music and can be mounted on any outdoor surface easily.

The sound quality is excellent and there aren’t many issues with them getting damaged, so they can last a long time if you’re careful about how you use them.


  • Great for Outdoor Use
  • Superb Sound Quality, Better Than You Would Expect at this Price Range
  • Reliable Design Made to Last for Years to Come, Can Withstand the Elements Well Without Getting Damaged Easily


  • Some customers complain that these speakers are not strong enough for anything louder than soft music. They note that they are not well suited for home theater systems.


There are a few different types of outdoor speakers to choose from. It’s a good idea to look at what you want your speakers for in the long-term before making a purchase. Take some time to read through all of the reviews that these products have received from customers.

Decide which ones sound right for you and also consider how much you can spend on a single pair of outside speakers. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive set of loudspeakers or an entire outdoor music system, there is something perfect for everyone in this guide.


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Q: How to install wall and ceiling flush mount speakers?

A: Pencil – mark out speaker holes and placement before cutting. … Screwdriver – You’ll need to tighten screws to fix the speakers in place. … Carpenter’s Level – This isn’t too important for ceiling speakers but if you plan to install ceiling and in-wall speakers at the same time,then a level will be necessary …