How to Control a Soundbar With a TV Remote

Soundbars, which traditionally function as a basic home theater system, have become popular in recent years as they offer an affordable way for people with small living spaces or those on a budget to enjoy surround sound. Many also come with wireless subwoofers and built-in Bluetooth for easy streaming from your mobile device. If you … Read more

UE Megablast Review

UE Megablast is a wireless speaker system with premium sound quality. More importantly, its wireless design and innovative BoomTouch™ technology allow users to share the experience around the room, all from a single device. The UE Megablast is an ultra-powerful Bluetooth speaker that blasts sound without restrictions. The Megablast can be controlled by your voice, … Read more

JBL Charge 4 Review

The JBL Charge 4 delivers a lot of sound for its size, and can work for a whopping 20 hours on a single charge. It also has outdoor-friendly options like IPX7 water resistance and bungee cord loop. It’s a great speaker for those who need some decent sound without having to carry around a giant … Read more

How to Connect Speaker Wire to a Receiver

The first thing you should know about connecting speaker wires is that there are two main methods: RCA and XLR. Most modern sound systems will use one or the other for their signal line. However, depending on your particular sound system. Your speakers may be great, but they won’t really do anything until they’re connected … Read more

How to Make a Soundbar Sound Better

Speakers provide the necessary audio for satisfaction during viewing. But what if your speaker sounds like a broken record? We offer six steps to make it sound better after considering the following: Check the cables and cords: cables and cords may be loose or damaged. Check the connection: reconnect and restart the equipment. Ensure that … Read more