Klipsch R-28PF Review

Klipsch’s R-28PF is a powerful performer that can satisfy just about any taste in music. This speaker has an incredible sound quality and pristine clarity, making it a great option for use in a variety of settings—whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite tracks with friends, turn the party up with some thumping bass, or play some movies for movie night.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Klipsch R-28PF’s features and specifications, as well as why it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for an affordable speaker.

Here is a fact that should have been included up front – The Klipsch R-28PF is a 2.0 speaker system, so it won’t fill a large room with excellent sound quality.

The R-28PF delivers its sound through a 12″ long-throw woofer cone and horn tweeter. The cone is made of injection-molded graphite, which helps create an impressive bass response. This speaker also has an integrated passive crossover system, which prevents frequency overlap. If you’re playing multiple speaker types at the same time, this system will ensure that each speaker produces a quality sound without sounding distorted or overbearing.

Klipsch R-28PF Surround Powerful Floor Standing Speaker | Set of 2 - Black
262 Reviews
Klipsch R-28PF Surround Powerful Floor Standing Speaker | Set of 2 - Black
  • Your purchase includes One pair of Klipsch Powered Floorstanding Speakers, R-28PF model | One remote control with batteries, Magnetic grille, 5M...
  • Speaker dimensions (each) – 15.7” D x 9.5” W x 42” H | Weight (each) – 56.67 lbs. | Voltage – 100V-120V / 220V-240V, selectable 50/60Hz |...
  • 260W total system power with bi-amplified digital EQ and crossover
  • Inputs: Phono/line analog | 3.5 mm analog mini jack | UBS digital | Optical digital
  • Works great with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers allowing you to play music directly from your device

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Design and Structure:

At first glance, this speaker looks pretty standard, with its black woodgrain vinyl finish and solid structure. But up close, you’ll notice the speaker’s serious construction.

This speaker was designed to be strong—it’s constructed out of ferrofluid-cooled five-piece woofer cones and a one-inch copper-spun high-frequency dome tweeter. The cabinet is made from MDF (medium density fiberboard), and it’s biwireable to ensure that you get the best sound quality possible.

The speaker has binding post terminals, which are the kind of sockets that audio cables connect to. Six-gauge copper-clad aluminum wire is recommended for use with this speaker.


The R-28PF comes with a lot of accessories. The main package includes the receiver, six grilles, one pair of speaker stands, and a quick start guide. However, Klipsch doesn’t recommend using this speaker system with anything other than its own speaker stands.

Klipsch also includes two sets of speaker stands to ensure that you can place this speaker in an area that’s both comfortable for you and sounds great.

Other things you’ll find in the box are a three-prong power cable, a user manual, and four speaker grilles—a pair of black grilles, a pair of ivory grilles.

You can also purchase an optional universal remote control to control your audio components.


This speaker comes with six grilles, six speaker terminal cup plugs, an owner’s manual, and a three-prong power cable. Klipsch also includes two pair of speaker stands, one pair of black grilles, and one pair of ivory grilles.

You can also purchase an optional universal remote control to control various audio components. Click here to shop for remote controls .

The R-28PF is an incredible speaker that can handle both high and low tones with ease—even at maximum volumes. You’ll hear a lot of detail in the sound quality without any muddy tones or unclear sounds.

This speaker sounds great with a wide range of music types, from classic rock to classic jazz. This speaker is also a great option for film buffs who want to listen to their movies with incredible sound quality.

The R-28PF is a little pricey, but it delivers high-quality audio that is sure to satisfy most people—especially if you’re looking for a louder, more powerful speaker system. This speaker’s sound quality makes it worth the extra money.


  • Sound quality is impressive for a low-cost speaker.
  • The R-28PF can produce a wide range of tones, from the lowest to the highest, with ease. – – The speaker system is small and compact, making it easy to fit into any room or space you want to use it in.
  • The speaker’s high-precision components allow flawless sound reproduction without unwanted distortion.
  • The woofer cone’s injection-molded graphite material helps produce an impressive bass response.
  • The R-28PF has excellent sound quality, its smaller size means that it doesn’t fill up your entire space with sound.


  • This speaker is a little pricey for a smaller, less-powerful model.
  • The R-28PF’s sound is great for most types of music, but it doesn’t have the ability to fill a large room with sound. If you’re looking for a really powerful speaker system that can fill up an entire space, this isn’t the best option.
  • It would also be nice if this speaker came with more accessories, such as cables or attachments that you could use to hook up other audio components.


If you’ve been looking for a speaker that can deliver powerful and quality sound, the Klipsch R-28PF is definitely worth considering. This speaker system delivers sound quality that will keep your listeners engaged and entertained—especially if they’re looking to listen to something with high-quality audio. If you’re looking for a speaker that will work well with different types of music, this one is an excellent choice.
However, this speaker can’t fill up a large room with sound. If you’re looking for a speaker that you can bring to a party or use in a large space, there are better options. This speaker is best for movie buffs who want to listen to movies with incredible sound quality, and people who enjoy listening to their music in smaller spaces.


Q: Are Klipsch r-28pf worth the price?

A: Klipsch R-28PF are a very popular option on the higher end of the price range. They’re in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Aperion Audio Novus N5T or Wharfedale Diamond 240 . Klipsch R-28PF are $199.50 more expensive than the average speakers ($499.95).

Q: How much do the r-28pf speakers cost?

A: Klipsch R-28PF are $199.50 more expensive than the average speakers ($499.95). Which Product you want to edit?

Q: Why is my audio quality so bad on the r-28pf?

A: Klipsch opted to only use Bluetooth in the R-28PF system (and not aptX HD), which means you get some compression in the signal and limited range. As I described above, streamed audio suffered a bit in both quality and reliability, especially with higher-resolution files.

Q: How do the Klipsch speakers work?

A: An included four-pin speaker cable connects the left and right speakers together to carry the audio signal from the preamp housed in the left speaker to the right speaker. Klipsch includes a simple remote with volume control/mute, play/pause, the ability to directly adjust the sub level, and dedicated buttons for each source, including Bluetooth.