Do Bluetooth Turntables Sound Good?

One of the most popular home audio technologies in recent years has been the bluetooth turntable. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to know about bluetooth turntables, from which ones are popular to how they compare to other types of turntables. We’ll also discuss what innovations have been made and provide some reviews. Let’s get started!

As a society we love our music and getting out and listening it live is still one of our favorite pastimes; but with busy lives that isn’t always possible. Times have changed, and now music listening has given way to the convenience of bluetooth speakers. Who doesn’t love being able to listen to their favorite tunes without dealing with headphone cords? It’s wonderful!

But what about our old fashioned record players? I’m sure you’re wondering if Bluetooth turntables will sound as good as their wired counterparts or better. The answer is yes they will! While not my favorite piece of audio equipment, bluetooth turntables are an excellent way to enjoy your music.

What sets them apart from wired turntable is the fact that you can skip songs using the bluetooth remote, which makes them even more convenient.

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The Advantages of Bluetooth Turntables:

Bluetooth turntables are becoming more and more popular, for good reason. They have some distinct advantages over their wired counterparts. Here are just a few of them:

1. Compatibility:

Bluetooth turntables are compatible with almost every audio device, even non bluetooth enabled devices! All you need is the right cable to connect your turntable to your device. If you want to connect it to something like an iPod, you’ll need an adapter (most turntables come with one). These adapters allow you to use any device with your turntable easily.

2. Remote:

With bluetooth you can skip songs using the remote on your device. The biggest difference is that the remote is on your phone or music device, not on the turntable itself. This allows you to turn up, change the song, even skip if you want to. It may seem like a small detail at first, but having this option is very handy.

3. Turntable Stand:

Most bluetooth turntables have a standard 3 foot long stand that comes with them. It’s almost like getting an extra free feature with your purchase! These stands are pretty cool too, because they allow your turntable to sit more upright than normal and slightly elevate it off of the ground for better tone tracking. There are even some bluetooth turntables these days that let you raise and lower the platter for better sound quality.

How Bluetooth Turntables Sound:

As mentioned above, these turntables often cost a few hundred dollars or more, so it makes sense that they sound as good as they do. That being said, bluetooth turntables don’t sound exactly the same as their wired counterparts.

These machines will perform a bit differently to gain a bit of a different “sound.” Some people might not like it and prefer the same results from a regular wired deck anyway. But there is a reason they sound different, and that is because they utilize a “high end” audio chip that gives the sound a unique character.

Sound Quality:

It’s difficult to tell if bluetooth turntables actually sound better than wired ones (and I don’t think it’s really important anyway). I mean, they’re both records right? They both play the same types of music and have the same overall quality.

If you like vinyl, you’ll like any turntable. That being said, these machines do have different audio qualities than wired ones and if you’re picky it might be important to you.

If you’re the type of person who wants total control of your sound, I might recommend getting a wired turntable. You can adjust tone and quality of the signal whenever you want to better suit your needs.

If you’re someone who trusts bluetooth turntables on your phone, then why not give it a try? These turntables are really nice, and they sound good too! Personally, I don’t think that the sound is on the same level as wired turntables (at least on some models); but these days it’s all about convenience.

How to Make a Turntable Bluetooth:

If you want to make your old turntable bluetooth, there are a few different ways you can do it. The first way is to get a bluetooth adapter that adds wireless capability to your device. You can buy these adapters for as little as $10 or as much as $300 depending on the brand and quality of the material it’s made from.

For example, a higher end adapter made from a metal alloy would cost between $35-$45. If you have an old turntable lying around or have been meaning to pick one up, you can also buy bluetooth turntables designed with this in mind.

The other option is to use a Bluetooth turntable that’s been made specifically to work with your phone, such as the highly rated Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. This turntable is one of the best bluetooth turntables you can buy, costing between $150-$190.

This model boasts great sound quality and wireless connectivity, meaning you won’t have to deal with any cords or irritation when using your phone. The sound quality really does sound good too! It sounds better than some of the models I had tried in some stores for far more money.


If you want a quick and easy way to listen to your favorite music all day, bluetooth turntables are an excellent choice. They allow you to skip songs, control the volume from your device, and play from any bluetooth enabled device.

The biggest benefit of using a bluetooth turntable is convenience, so if you’re someone who demands ease out of everything it’s the way to go.


Q: Do Bluetooth turntables work with any device?

A: After all, few audio equipment manufacturers have managed to combine analog technology with modern tech perfectly to produce a state-of-the-art turntable allowing wireless connection. Moreover, the best Bluetooth turntable allows you to enjoy the crisp sound unique to record players from any smart device.

Q: Which Audio-Technica turntable should you buy?

A: If you’re looking for your first turntable and like the sound of Bluetooth tech, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT is an ideal option for vinyl fans on a budget. Not only is Audio-Technica a trusted brand in the record player world, but this model boasts great sound for the money, plus a built-in phono stage, making it a true plug and play deck.

Q: What affects sound quality in a Bluetooth turntable?

A: Learn why things like rotating speed, Bluetooth capacity, type of drive, and components like platter, tonearm, counterweight, and plinth that affect sound quality in a turntable matter. We must admit that we had plenty of fun researching into Bluetooth turntables.

Q: Are turntables good for listening to music?

A: Crucially, though, these bells and whistles are backed by a setup that’s still capable of doing the basics very well. The turntable is comfortable when handling music from a wide range of genres, trading in detail-oriented sound as its bread and butter.