Best External Microphone for Android Smartphones

While all smartphones already have a built-in microphone (how else would the person you’re calling be able to hear your voice?), these might not be of the highest quality, and may not be ideal for certain applications, such as when you need to record something. Thankfully, you’re able to connect an external microphone to your … Read more

Best Microphones for iPad Pro, Mini Reviewed

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Best Microphone for Conference Room – Audio Technica, Shure, BeyerDynamic & Polycom

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds With Mics (Top In-Ears)

There are many great earbuds on the market today, but finding one that delivers quality sound and has a microphone is not a walk in the park. The world of Bluetooth earbuds is constantly changing and getting faster, however, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. This article will help you navigate … Read more