DTS Headphone: X – Is It Worth It?

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What is DTS Headphone: X:

DTS Headphone: X, is a newly developed technology from the DTS Company for optimizing headphone sound in a manner that is more immersive and realistic. The idea behind this technology is to compensate for the acoustic limitations of headphones so they can provide a more natural listening experience with rich bass and crystal-clear highs.

Why you should be excited>

A great argument in favor of purchasing a pair of headphones with this technology would be the fact your ears don’t have to work as hard in order to distinguish different sounds. Also, because the sound arrives at your ear in a more realistic manner, you should experience a wider/larger listening field which would improve your gaming experience.

It’s Working

To put it simply, DTS Headphone X analyzes the frequency response of each headphone and adjusts it to its optimal state using an equalizer so that the bass and highs are enhanced while the mids are left intact.

This reconstructed frequency response allows for a more natural listening experience with clear highs and booming bass. The technology automatically detects the type of headphone being used so there are no presets to choose from, then performs its magic.

Who is DTS Headphone: X for?

If you’re an audiophile who wants the best possible quality headphones and doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on them, then DTS Headphone: X is definitely worth buying. But if you’re not so interested in this technology, we suggest reading our article about headphone reviews.

DTS Headphone X works by creating a virtual space where the sound you’re going to hear accurately reproduces the sound of a large concert hall while minimizing noise. This technology is based on the Enceladus Soundscape , which is a 9,000 sqft concert hall which was created in Boulder Colorado.

To use this technology on your favorite games, just download and install Onkyo’s free DTS Headphone:X software and download the latest version of TrueAudio TrueX from Sennheiser . Follow the setup guide in the DTS Headphone:X software to enable DTS Headphone X in your game.

For better or worse, all the headphone manufacturers will have to follow in the footsteps of this technology in order to compete against it, which means True Super Bit Mapping, Virtual Surround Sound , Hyperbass etc. are all taken.

Not only that, companies like Sennheiser are already benefiting from this technology because they offer headphones with this technology pre-installed.

Also, one can’t forget about virtual surround sound because it’s pretty much one of the most effective methods of getting a more immersive listening experience with surround sound setups. That being said, virtual surround sound is completely different than DTS Headphone X because it uses multiple speakers to simulate surround sound.


One of the biggest advantages is the DTS Headphone X’s ability to enhance the bass and highs while leaving the mids intact. This looks like one of its most attractive selling points.

Another advantage might be the fact that no software or hardware is required to use this technology which means you can use it on almost any device.


The lack of options is probably one of the biggest disadvantages since you can’t adjust various things for a more customized experience.

Also, we didn’t hear about many disadvantages aside from that but we’ll definitely update you if we do hear about any others or hear your feedback on this technology in general.

Final Verdict

It’s a good technology that’s easy to use and could provide a more immersive listening experience for all our favorite games. However, there could still be something missing from this technology that could prevent it from being widely adopted.

Also, the lack of customization is a big downside for me even though you can’t really add anything or make any settings changes. I’m hoping this will change in the future with further developments in the DTS Headphone: X technology because other beneficial enhancements can be added.

But other than these minor shortcomings, I’d say audio companies should start implementing this technology into their headphones soon otherwise they’ll get left behind in a tremendously competitive market.


To summarize, DTS Headphone: X is a progressive technology that offers a more immersive and realistic experience. The bass and highs are enhanced giving you an enhanced listening experience with clear highs.

The mids are left untouched so it still sounds like regular headphones even though they now sound more realistic than before. This technology is mostly made for audiophiles who want the best possible quality headphones but most people prefer the regular presets anyway so this technology may not be for everyone.

In addition to that, this technology is efficient at processing all types of headphones and also works with any device. DTS Headphone: X is a great example of a technology that’s worth looking into although some things about it may be less perfect.

But all in all, we believe the benefits of this technology make it worth trying out even though you can’t really change anything with it.


Q: Why is DTS not working?

A: Select Tools (Alt+T). Select Pop-up Blocker. Select Pop-up Blocker Settings. Add the following URL to the list of Allowed Sites:*.defensetravel.osd.mil

Q: How to install DTS?

A: Go to the manufacturer’s website. Download the updated driver. Right-click on the downloaded driver installation file. Select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. Check the Run this program in compatibility mode box. Click the drop-down box and choose a previous version of the operating system. Click OK. Install the DTS sound driver.

Q: How to get DTS X Sound Unbound for free?

A: DTS Headphone:X technology that delivers believable,3D audio rendering over headphones. DTS:X decoding technology places sound where it would occur naturally in the real world. An extensive and growing headphone database for most engaging and optimized listening experiences for headphones.

Q: Is DTS sound unbound better than Dolby Atmos?

A: The question of “Which is better, DTS or Dolby” is a hard one to answer, since it comes down to individual preference and pricing. Dolby is the more affordable option but audio experts point out that DTS has a slightly higher audio bitrate, so enthusiasts should keep that in mind.